Case study: 8th ABSL Conference

VIII ABSL Conference, Łódź 2017. More than 40 discussion panels attended by around 1000 guests. This huge event has been fully supported by CONREGO application. Did everything go as intended?

Case study: 8th ABSL Conference


Our cooperation with ABSL (Association of Business Service Leaders in Poland) has been countinuous since 2013, when we supported the organization of the fourth edition of the conference. However, it was not until 2016 that application of CONREGO was global. Since that time, we not only register attendees but also handle payments, mailings, and entry passes as well as the reception desk and access control checkpoints. But really... our application does this for us.

Organization steps

How did the organization of such a big event go this year? We started with launching the registration module. We divided it into two major segments: paid and free, and we added accommodation booking option. This last function is a minor but very handy convenience, especially in the case of conferences that last a few days. Upon proper completion of the registration process, every attendee received an automatically generated confirmation.

The next step was communicating with the attendees using mailings and text messages. We have also set up an information bureau that assisted attendees when they had any doubts or questions. As usual, we had everything under control.

In order to handle the attendees on-site efficiently, CONREGO application generated ID badges, where we placed all the attendees' most important data, such as the name of the company they represent, among others.

We were also prepared for controlling access of attendees to exclusive events. Manned by trained personnel, access control checkpoints could verify access rights in a few seconds, checking whether the attendee was registered for that particular event or not.

CONREGO software was applied in a few unconventional manners. Among others, we used it to dispense simultaneous interpretation sets. Attendants were scanning codes placed on ID badges and the system noted the time these sets were borrowed. This gave us the information from whom we needed to retrieve the sets.


We have encountered no unpleasant surprises at any step of conference organization. CONREGO application was engineered in such way that it supports event organization from the first minute through the last one. Such robust backup let us limit the workload. In most cases, you only need to work out the plan and get the machine running... and the conference will flow just the way you want it to.

Tomasz Chrościechowski

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