Case study: RhinoForum 2016

This article is dedicated to giving you details about an event organised by the Polish Rhinology Society. We have supported that society for many years – we have worked together continually since March 2012, to be exact.

Case study: RhinoForum 2016

But let’s go back to the beginning. The Polish Rhinology Society is an organisation open to anyone who would like to contribute to the development of Polish rhinology. To cut the long story short, the idea behind that society is to propagate modern rhinology among the community of Polish ENT specialists. And what part did CONREGO play in that? You will know all the details in a minute!

Event website

Although we have cooperated with the Polish Rhinology Society for many years, it does not mean that each successive event is a copy of the previous one. Every year, CONREGO designs a new version of a responsive website, based on a promotional poster provided by the organiser of the forum. And 2016 was no exception. The website is used to publish current information about the conference, profiles of lecturers, current programme, and also organisational information.

Registration for participants of the forum

Every year, Rhinoforum makes its website available to guests both in Polish and in English. The same applies to the registration process. Language localisation has already become a standard in event organisation, and CONREGO is simply making an effort to meet such expectations.

Organisers of Rhinoforum are experts in the field, which means that they are fully aware of the significance of introducing discounts when organising an event. This year, CONREGO has decided to use two types of discounts: depending on (1) the type of participation, and (2) the date of registering for the event. The latter of the two issues – rewarding early registrations – is particularly important to the organiser, and we recommend taking a look at our article titled How does one encourage participants of an event to register early?. Thanks to implementing the well-tested solutions we recommend, you will be able to initiate successive stages of organisation earlier, thus saving a lot of your precious time.

What were the other aspects during the organisation of Rhinoforum 2016 that CONREGO guaranteed to complete?

Let me just list them for you, in a sequence: Accepting on-line payments, generating reports, issuing proforma and VAT invoices and sending of mailings to registered participants and subscribers of “Magazyn Otolaryngologiczny” (Otolaryngology Magazine). In addition, each guest could declare which events they wanted to participate in, which resulted from the fact that workshops accompanying the form were immensely popular. The system automatically blocked the possibility of selecting two sessions that would take place simultaneously. It is a simple and at the same time a very useful solution.

And what did the registration process look like?

It was divided into following stages:

Handling of participants during the event

As required for the organising Rhinoforum 2016, we implemented On-site Service module that enabled controlling participants entering the area of the conference facility (the Reception Desk function) and to each of the individual sessions taking place on the premises (the Access Control function).

CONREGO was capable of handling more than a thousand guests during that enormous event. Located on the premises, there were four checkpoints that registered attending participants located, just to be on the safe side and make sure that things would go as planned. All checkpoints used notebooks with Internet access and QR code readers. What was important, the readers made it possible to scan ID badges at a frequency that eliminated the forming of any queues. You will know many more details concerning the choice of equipment for such purposes if you read our article titled: What equipment should be chosen to carry out access control and handle reception areas, during an event?.

Research Questionnaire

After the conference, each guest received an electronic event evaluation survey. Upon receiving a filled-in questionnaire, CONREGO generated and sent a certificate that confirmed participation in Rhinoforum. We must never forget that guests must feel satisfied!


We practically implemented all the available modules of CONREGO All-In-One Plan for the purpose of organising Rhinoforum 2016. If you want to see them in action, do not hesitate and sign up for a free 14-day trial version!

What did it look like?

You must definitely see a video clip that our team did for RhinoForum 2016:

Tomasz Chrościechowski

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