Paid and free-of-charge event registration handled simultaneously – Part II

In my last post, I have discussed the best methods of solving the problem of running paid and free-of-charge registrations simultaneously, as part of a single registration process, using types of participation, invitation codes, and discount codes. However, it may be insufficient to assign rates alone.

Paid and free-of-charge event registration handled simultaneously – Part II

Let’s imagine we have divided participants into two groups:

Unlike for Group B, the registration process regarding Group A should usually take into account the possibility of choosing a method of payment and providing data for an invoice.

Therefore, before selecting a registration system that will help you organise your event, make sure that the system provides the possibility of applying conditions dependent on whether a participant will have to pay for participation, or they will be exempt from it.

Types of participation

Once again, it will be very useful to apply the types of participations mentioned before. The types of participation applied in CONREGO enable dynamic changing of the configuration of a registration form. In the case of a registration form dedicated to participants exempt from paying for participation, it is possible to hide the sections containing data fields corresponding to a VAT invoice, payment methods, and also hide rates in the agenda itself. This way, each participant will have access to a registration form that is clear and leaves no room for doubts.

Statuses of registration

Both the participant and the administrator must find it comfortable to handle paid and free registration simultaneously. A properly designed registration system enables the control over statuses of registration. Let’s use the CONREGO application to take a look at the three basic statuses, looking from the perspective of settling accounts with participants:

I hope that the solutions discussed above will help you plan the registration process efficiently and in your everyday interaction with participants.

Tomasz Chrościechowski

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