ID badges based on A4 paper passes for event attendees

The majority of event organisers must face the problem of printing ID badges.

ID badges based on A4 paper passes for event attendees

If the format of an event you want to organise makes it possible to print them, before the actual event, there is very little room for any complications. It sometimes happens, though, that you need to provide the possibility of printing ID badges, when the event is already in progress.

It may result from the following factors:

You are not able to predict who will actually attend the conference (your event is open for external guests, or you intend to have them registered once they arrive); You anticipate that there will be people not included in your guest list, but who are important enough to be welcomed properly and provided with ID badges.

The printing of plastic ID badges at the reception desk is a costly solution. It requires using special printers and consumables, such as cards and carbon paper. Furthermore, a plastic card is quite small (it is the size of a credit card), which makes reading personal data regarding a particular participant quite difficult. It will be equally difficult to fit anything more than just the absolutely necessary data on such an ID badge.

As far as the printing of paper ID badges is concerned, it can be done using Zebra thermal transfer printers, for example. However, it requires using special rolls of perforated labels. Each single reel contains 500 labels, and it is usually required to order the minimum of four (4) rolls. The cost of such printing will be irrationally high, if we are planning an event with 300 people attending, for example. And that is not all, because perforated labels are approximately 180gsm, which requires taking into account the additional cost of purchasing PVC holders.

Using the experience gained by the CONREGO team, we will provide with a solution to the problem of printing ID badges, while handling participants at a reception area, which reduces the overall cost to purchasing a ream of paper, a standard ink-jet, and PVC holders in the size capable of storing a sheet of paper in A6 size. This way, you will reduce the cost and time invested in handling participants to the absolute minimum.

We have designed a method based on using a pass in A4 size, using CONREGO PDF Creator module. The A6 size is 105x148mm. It is large enough to provide space for the design and facilitate the embedding of logotypes of the organiser and/or the event, as well as the name and surname of a participant, and the name of their organisation, the category of participation, and a QR/bar code, only on the obverse of an ID badge. Now, try to image that it is equally simple to print information on the reverse – for example, is it surely recommended to provide a situational map and a programme of your event (a general one, or a personalised agenda for a particular participant), on the reverse side. It is very easy to prepare such a design.

A6 conference badges made of A4 pass-cards or tickets

Fig. The CONREGO stand-alone registration system for participants has a built-in functionality that enables automatic generating and attaching a pass that has been designed and personalised in the afore-mentioned manner to an email message confirming registration, which is sent to each participant.

Each participant can format their A4 sheet to the A6 size, following appropriate markings, thus producing a ready-to-use ID badge that includes all necessary information, regarding the event. You will have to send such pre-prepared passes to participants, early enough, and notify them that they must bring them to the event. As a result, at least 60% of guests will say hello to your hostesses, while holding an ID badge in their hands. This way, the role of hostesses will be boiled down to scanning of QR/bar codes (recording attendance) and handing in of PVC holders equipped with lanyards.

Do you know of any cheaper and at the same time faster way to handle participants at a reception area? The reception of participants is one of those processes that can and must be improved on a continuous basis.

Tomasz Chrościechowski

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