Handling contest submissions with CONREGO

Alternative uses of modules continued, or what else you can do with CONREGO system’s flexibility!

Handling contest submissions with CONREGO

Last week, in the article Recruiting volunteers with CONREGO, we presented an unusual use of the event registration system’s functions. Why unusual? The possibility of accepting submissions from volunteer candidates was not intended as a system’s function in development phase. It is our clients who, seeing the system’s flexibility, got this idea.

– We, the system’s developers, are proud that we managed to create a product that can be used in such a variety of ways. We know that you are using CONREGO in different manners and we support all your innovations. And such, if you want to share your alternative use of any of CONREGO’s modules, do not hesitate and mail us! –

In this article, we will once again tell you about Surveys, the module that lets you accept and process submissions of questionnaires, abstracts, academic papers, and, well… contest entries.

Our clients have used Surveys to handle the contests they organize since 2011. The first of the clients who carried out a contest with CONREGO was Lublin City Hall, the established organizer of Eastern Europe Initiatives Congress. Using a complex registration form, they accepted contest entries in several theme-based categories and three language versions at the same time! Handling a contest with the use of the Surveys module is as easy as using a dedicated contest application. But how does it work?

Registration form

First, you will easily design and configure any registration form with CONREGO. In the form configuration section, you will find a set of advanced functions that allow you to edit labels and descriptions of form fields (and their translations), divide them into sections, and sort as you like.

Contest entry assessment

Second, the Surveys module includes an integrated submission grading system. It is mainly used to process academic abstracts but it works just as well processing contest entries. Moderators and/or reviewers can be given access rights to all the entries or only the entries of selected categories. In addition, the module allows for automated communication between the application and both the authors of contest submissions and reviewers accepting, evaluating, and processing these submissions.

Because of this, now you do not need to purchase a separate application to handle contest submissions. CONREGO has all the necessary functions!

Luke Krawczuk

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