Efficient communication with event attendees

It may seem that the issue discussed in this post belongs to those obvious ones. However, it is often the case that the things we see as easy, at first glance, soon become problematic, because we have ignored them before.

Efficient communication with event attendees

Some event managers do not attach enough weight to communicating with participants on an ongoing basis, although they are the very core of each event. Efficient communication with participants is one of the most significant factors that have a direct impact on the success of the entire enterprise. More than that, it can also apply to the entire process of organising an event – from A to Z. Therefore, it is highly recommended to make sure it all goes smoothly and impeccably.

Obviously, you can rely on the traditional and indispensable method of contacting by phone, but it will generate a lot of costs, if we want to share an important message with many participants. In addition, there is not quick strategy of carrying out the entire operation, if large groups are concerned (consisting of at least several dozen people). In such cases, it is worth applying methods based on completely different technologies.

Each of the automated methods of communication that will be discussed in the further section of this post requires dividing participants into groups. It results from the fact that messages very often need to be divided into groups, depending on the people we address them to. One example of that is a situation, when you are running a registration process for guests speaking different languages. The registration system you intend to use must enable carrying out such a division. It is also recommended for the system to have integrated tools that enable communicating from the level of the Administration Panel, without the need to export and import participants’ data to different applications.

Event website

On-going updating of an event website and using social media is a lightning method, which offers another valuable advantage – natural supporting of the marketing mechanism behind your event, in addition to easy access to any message content. If you are about to organise an event, make sure your website is always updated and that it both provides information and supports promoting and selling of the products that you would like to offer your registered and potential participants.

Communication based on mailing

Your registration system for participants should enable sending messages, in the form of mailings. Remember not to abuse this method, though. It is important, as nobody likes SPAM, and we do not want the messages we send to end up in folders dedicated to undesired mail, after all. Provide important information in doses, and in a clear and personalised manner, thus making sure that the participants of your event will receive your message, quickly and without unnecessary pressure. If you are interested in creating mailing that will not be blocked by anti-spam filters, then read a post published by Krzysztof Jagoda - How I can optimise sending of messages in CONREGO.

Mass sending of text messages

If you opt to integrate your registration system with a platform that enables sending SMS campaigns (e.g. http://www.redlink.pl/), you will gain access to a whole new level of possibilities, as far as communication at lightning speed is concerned. First and foremost, it is recommended to use this option, while the event is in progress. It results from the fact that not many participants will actually find time to read an email sent in-between lectures (provided they receive it, at all), while the majority of them will simply hear a signal in their telephone that they have a new message. It is quite a useful solution to integrate the Reception Desk Management Module with an SMS gateway, which enables sending a welcoming message straight to his/her phone, once the attendance of a guest to an event has been recorded.

And nothing stands in the way of using all of the afore-mentioned methods simultaneously. If you have an efficient website, mailing system, and you can send text messages, if need be, then you can rest assured that all participants will be informed about all important aspects of the event, on an ongoing basis.

Tomasz Chrościechowski

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