#eventgoer: The Nerd

#eventgoer: The Nerd

Hi! My name is Trogdor the Burninator. I’m an event goer. I’m a level 105 mage wearing the legendary Black Flame set. Only two other people on the server have it. Are you going to King’s panel, too?

You will see me at events like conventions! The ones about comic books, video games, and fiction as a whole. I like fiction and I like meeting like-minded people. And, obviously, cosplay, programs, and expos.

I pay particular attention to the topics of programs and the scale of the convention. As far as the theme goes, it’s clear - to each their own. I like character breakdown and folklore references. The scale? The bigger, the better because it will draw in and house more interesting people and exhibitors. Have you ever seen five Deadpools at once? That was hilarious and I doubt it’s possible at smaller conventions.

I expect to be able to buy tickets and enter the venue quickly. Half an hour of standing in scorching sun is a bit too much. And I can already see cool cosplays and a retro games tournament inside!

I’m annoyed when two interesting programs happen at the same time. How do I pick between a post-apo roleplay workshop and Grimm motifs in the Witcher saga?

What I like most is meetings with authors. Even if I don’t get to ask my question during the Q&A, I will probably manage to have a few words when getting my book signed. What’s more, they are usually laid-back and you can learn a lot of interesting stuff.

Lukasz Krawczuk

Thank you for your time and insight, Trogdor the Burninator. I just wanted to point out that obtaining the Black Flame set with a mage is like taking candy from a baby. Get it with a druid and then we’ll talk. Anyway, he’s not a troublesome type of attendee but you can always make his convention experience much more memorable. First - sell event tickets online. Some conventions already do that so I’d also look into promoting this solution and educating your attendees about it. This will let you shorten the lines to ticket booths. Efficient reception - the place where you would usually issue ID badges, and sometimes sell tickets as well. It’s better to have two separate types of booths, though, and give your attendees another benefit of buying tickets online. In the case of virtual tickets, QR codes are a nice way of verifying access rights. The best way to plan the program schedule is probably to use attendee personas. Build them by analyzing the engagement in previous conventions… But I’m sure you already know that and use them.
Look forward to another event goer next week. See you then!