First steps in event management - part II

We hereby present you the second part of our knowledge base about event management for rookies.

First steps in event management - part II

If you have not read the previous entry, please proceed here: First steps in event management - part I. See for yourself that event organization can be both easy and gratifying.

Last time, we promised we would start with the aspects directly related to service at the event itself. Well, it is true but everything needs to be well thought through and prepared beforehand. Let us start then!

6. How will you serve the guests at the event?

If you want to handle the reception desk using a web application, you need to ensure stable Internet connection. The single best piece of advice is: test the network on site, regardless of whether you are organizing an event in the open air or in a modern conference venue. You will find more useful information here: How to check network connection at the conference venue?

7. Have you already decided how many reception desks you want to set up?

If you are considering the traditional approach of ticking names on pre-printed lists, you need to estimate how much time on average it will take to mark a single attendee as present and how much time you can spare for the reception desk to serve all guests. Details regarding this issue are presented in the article Efficient reception areas for participants.

8. Do you want to issue ID badges?

The topic of IDs is exceptionally complex. There are multiple options and the most effective are:

All the most important options are described in the article ID badges for participants of conferences and congresses.

We, at CONREGO, have designed a method whereby you deliver an entry pass (PDF file of A4 format) to the attendee via e-mail. It was designed to be folded into A6 format. This way, after printing it out, you get a two-side ID badge that presents both information about the attendee and their personalized agenda basing on the registration. Read more in the entry ID badges based on A4 paper passes for event attendees.

9. What reception desk equipment have you got at your disposal?

If you want the reception desk to take advantage of barcode and QR code readers, you need to consider computers and code readers. What equipment is the best? Definitely not a tablet because the touchscreen makes it difficult to quickly type and search for a registration. Read more on the recommended equipment in our article What equipment should be chosen to carry out access control and handle reception areas?

10. Are you sure everything is done and done?

To avoid any doubts like this, make yourself familiar with the full version of our guide available below. There, you will find previously unpublished details and tips. We also invite you to visit our blog from time to time. We update it weekly with new content and reliable advice. Now you know the theory. All that is left is to apply it in practice.

Good luck!

Tomasz Chrościechowski

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