How to encourage event attendees to register early?

If you are an event organiser, you have probably already realised how important it is for the success of the entire event to acquire participants quickly – if possible, directly after opening registration, which would be ideal.

How to encourage event attendees to register early?

Knowing the number of people that will participate in your event, you will have the knowledge of both the budget at your disposal, and the possibility to handle logistics, catering, and book lecture rooms or banquet tables, in advance.

You should be particularly interested in acquiring participants quickly if you intend to organise a paid event. You need to satisfy the following three basic conditions, in order to promote and sell any commercial event:

It takes a lot of labour, time, and funds to apply the three aforementioned principles. An exception to this rule is a situation, when we deal with a group that have already become familiar with our event, liked it and trusted its quality. Nonetheless, we, as organisers, will always be pressed for time, even in such circumstances. In any case, we need to be in possession of the tools that make it possible to handle all motivators practically.

Early registration is rewarded

A useful registration system provides a functionality that enables gradation of prices depending on the date of registering. For example, the CONREGO stand-alone registration system for participants enables assigning an unlimited number of time periods to each agenda item offered during the registration process, and then entering prices for each of such periods. This way, the system will automatically apply different price levels over time, which makes preparing a sales pattern based on a three-level price-list, i.e. Early Bird, Regular Price, and Last Minute, a piece of cake.

Motivating by offering discounts

Early registration is the first, but definitely not the only reason to offer the participant a discount. Let us analyse a hypothetical situation: registration has been opened some time ago but we have just been contacted by a company that wants to send an entire group of employees to our event. Does it matter to us that they did not register during the first week after registration was opened, when they have just increased our reserve and offered to buy seats wholesale? Discount codes that are used by participants during the registration process is an updated version of the oldest trick in the book, which is offering a discount. The mechanism of handling discount codes that is part of the registration system for participants should be as flexible as possible. A functional registration system for participants will make it possible for you to prepare discount codes that:

– Offer percentage discounts on any level, depending on the currency of a particular transaction; – Are valid for an indefinite or definite period of time (at least for one day); – Can be used multiple times or just once; – Include all or selected items in the programme of your event.

Can one wish for more?

Offering bonuses

What bonuses are regarded by participants as the most valuable? One such bonus is the right to participate free-of-charge in a paid session. You can use this option to offer access to paid sections to the first ten people who have registered. You should not find that difficult, since a flexible registration system must enable limit control for each item in the programme.

Using individual channels of communication

All participants want to feel that they are treated individually. Nobody would be pleased to see themselves as just another customer, ID badge, or ID No. in the database. Did you promote your event on Facebook, Instagram, send mailing to a database comprising thousands of people, and prepare an ideal website supporting your event? Make sure that every participant can contact the organiser, i.e. talk to a properly trained employee, by phone or via an on-line chat that has been made available on your website. More than that, do not forget to reply to messages as soon as possible.

Summing up, do not let all your efforts be wasted just because you have failed to establish simple communication between people. They are the recipients of events, after all.

Tomasz Chrościechowski

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