Supporting many events simultaneously with a single subscription

I receive great many questions from you, in which you ask me if it is possible to handle a number of events at the same time, using a single CONREGO subscription.

Supporting many events simultaneously with a single subscription

You are probably very well aware of the fact that a single CONREGO subscription is linked to a single domain ( subdomain or your own domain) at the time. If you do not see it as a hindrance, there is no need to buy another CONREGO subscription in order to successfully manage another event. However, it will be worth analysing a number of significant factors that could have an impact on how you spend your time and budget. And the first question you need to ask yourselves is...

Do the event you are organising now and the events that will follow share the same registration process?

If you are organising a cyclical event, e.g. training courses which are always based on the same pattern but differ in terms of their location and date, then nothing stands in the way of using a single system to start registration for the entire cycle of events.

How does one configure the registration software to receive registrations for a whole cycle of events?

There is a number of options you can use, in order to take advantage of the available functionality of the application and have satisfactory results. Choose the method that you think is best for you.

Types of participation as successive events

We faced similar dilemmas as you did, when implementing various systems. We frequently learned that using a mechanism enabling the creating and adjusting types of participation offered the best results. The selection menu created by adding successive types of participation to the event configuration can work as a selector for the event that the participant selects during the registration process. Remember that each type of participation can be accompanied by diverse rates, and that you can modify the content of a registration form. Consequently, you can create a very flexible registration process that enables the participant to do the following:

A cycle of events in the agenda

If you have to apply types of participation for a different purpose, e.g. you need to make registration available for various categories of participants, as required for a series of training courses, then it may turn out that using the second step of the registration process that we refer to as Agenda is the only effective solution. The mechanism used in CONREGO to create agenda enables the following:

The power behind types of participation and agenda

The most advanced method of configuring the registration system for participants, as required for cyclical events, consists in combining the possibilities offered by the function supporting types of participation, and by the agenda creation mechanism. In addition to the possibility of conditional enabling or disabling section in the attendee registration form, depending on the type of participation, the system also provides conditional supporting of agenda sections and items. The results available by such a combination make the CONREGO event registration software a total solution.

You organise 12 training courses per year and each course offers 3 thematic paths, while participants invited to take part in the courses are divided into 2 categories (paid and free participation). You want the participants that do not pay to participate only in the first three courses.

The solution:
a) Enter two categories of participants into the system (e.g. a participant and VIP);
b) Configure the form and add all the necessary fields for personal data and invoice data, and then divided the fields into the following two sections: Personal Data and Payer Data;
c) Hide the Payer Data section for the VIP type of participations;
d) Add 12 section to the Agenda and then add 3 thematic paths to each of the sections;
e) Hide sections from 4 to 12 for the VIP category of participation in the Agenda corresponding to the training course.

All the details regarding achieving the desired effects are contained in documentation available in the software itself!

Tomasz Chrościechowski

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