How to draft excellent conference registration terms and conditions?

According to research, we do not read terms and conditions we accept. Most of us only scan the document without actually reading it for details.

How to draft excellent conference registration terms and conditions?

Despite this - or maybe because of this! - properly written terms and conditions should meet certain strict criteria. There are not many of them but if you do comply with them, you can rest assured you provide your attendees with quality service from the very beginning.

1. Minimalism and clarity

The rule of thumb is simple: minimize quantity, maximize content. Tell your attendees everything that is important but do not force them to go through walls of text at the same time. To select the right content, draft the rules a few times and select the most concise version or use one of our premade templates.

2. Clear division

As we are not used to reading walls of text (tl;dr), it is extremely important that your terms and conditions are structured and divided in a smart way. A properly prepared document needs a clear and transparent structure that separates general terms and conditions from the registration, terms of participation, use of image consent, etc.

3. Precision

Rules of a conference are not general rules - you need to be precise. Make sure you got all the detailed information listed in the document: names, numbers, dates, addresses, et cetera. If you think you might have missed something, compare your terms and conditions with our templates - we have marked the places where you should enter these details.

4. Comprehensible definitions

Something obvious to you may not be so obvious for others. You should make an effort to accurately and unambiguously define all the crucial terms in your terms and conditions. The Conference, the Organizer, the Participant - these and other similar terms need to be extremely specific.

5. Applicable content

Terms and conditions of a paid conference will differ from these of a free conference. If you want to invite both paid and free participants to your conference, you ought to prepare two versions of the document.

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