Survey: What incentive would you give to your attendees to share your event on their social media profiles?

I do realize how important it is to properly promote your event. One of promotion techniques is using social media. There’s no denying it - virtually everyone has a profile on this platform or another.

How to harness the power of social media then? Obviously, it’s worth having an event page, use it to share some information about the event, and perhaps promote selected posts. However, there is a cheaper and more organic way. And we created this survey with this specific way in mind.

Make the attendees promote your event!

Think about it: every share gets you a reach of hundreds if not thousands of people. What’s more, these people have established relationships with your participant. They could be their followers, friends, or contact network - but all these relations share a common trait: they are most likely stronger than the relationship between these people and your brand.

However, shares rarely just happen on themselves and sometimes you need to encourage your attendees to do so. And that’s the question I’d like to ask you: how do you do that?

Of course, we will publish the results on our blog as it’s an interesting topic. But the main reason we want to know your opinion is so that we can make it easier for you to reward the attendees for sharing your event on their social media profiles.

Oh, I almost forgot! After you've submitted the survey, you'll get a set of all our whitepapers, bypassing the signup and saving time. No forms, just links straight to the good stuff!

Lukasz Krawczuk

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