CONREGO 5 is out!

We are proud and excited to announce the new version of our event registration software - CONREGO 5.0!

CONREGO 5 is out!

In January 2010, we launched the first version of CONREGO application, available only as a part of complete service. Over five years later, we published CONREGO 4.0 - the first licenced version. Back then, we were certain that event registration software meant to be installed on the client's server would be a jackpot.

We gathered the most important experience within the first year. This experience showed us that clients are looking for applications like CONREGO. As far as functionality goes, CONREGO is the most complete piece of software in its category in the Polish market. Unfortunately, many clients, for various reasons, are not willing to invest in hosting and the support of a specialist who could configure both the server and the application.

Since the beginning of 2017, we have planned the new version of CONREGO. The rocket software that does not require you to install it or have any technical knowledge, and it can be set up at lightning speed. The main objectives we aimed to achieve were to eliminate everything that was difficult or unclear to our clients and ourselves, and to introduce a number of improvements to make the work faster, safer, and more convenient. The rocket development phase took off in March and lasted long seven months.

It's no rocket science

85% of CONREGO application was rewritten, rebuilt, and optimized, focusing on functionality and the interface - both from the perspective of system administrators and attendees.

The administration panel has been split into two sections - User Menu and Configuration Menu. This allowed us to visually simplify the application. Nearly every module was armed with additional functions and improvements, so that you can configure all the processess on your own, with no technical knowledge whatsoever. Thanks to the introduced changes, you will quickly understand all the flight controls, ranging from registration form setup, through creating a responsive website and mailings, to on-site attendee service. For flying aces, CSS and JS file access and editing rights are still there. However, you do not need to use them. The entire layout of your event website can be configured with the use of the creator. The new CONREGO-based event website is as flexible as you need it to be, while being perfectly optimized. Thus, it launches and flies like a rocket.

A rocket that flies in the clouds

You do not need to look for a hosting provider, configure the server, and install CONREGO. Starting today, you only need to register your account and, within minutes, you can lift off with your cloud-based event registration software. You have 14 days to carry out CONREGO application test flights (just like in the previous version) and, should you decide to keep using it, simply activate your Customer account. We offer you a selection of three Annual Subscription Plans to gain access to all the modules you need to organize the next event in your calendar. In this new business model, you can switch domains as frequently as you like. What a blast!

Even more integrated

The newest version of CONREGO includes, in every Subscripton Plan, integration with payment processors:, DotPay, eCard, FirstData (Polcard), Paylane, PayPal, PayU, Przelewy24, Stripe. In addition, we have integrated CONREGO with three SMS providers –,, and Sign a contract with one of the providers and integrate text message service into your CONREGO rocket!

You can be my wingman anytime

Do you remember the 1986 movie "Top Gun”? Our top pilots will help you tame CONREGO and you will ascend to the higher level of event management even faster. For those in search of information, we have placed two sources of knowledge in the administration panel - the help panel and an online chat available on workdays between 9:00AM and 5:00PM CET/CEST. We are not yet available anytime but it is our priority to assist without delay.

The best part of the movie:

Do you own a CONREGO 4.0 pilot licence?

At any moment, exchange your plane for a rocket, CONREGO 5.0, and enjoy CONREGO All-In-One Subscription Plan for a year free of charge! Transferring to version 5 will cause your version 4 licence to expire. In turn, you will gain our support and many new possibilities. Before updating your CONREGO to 5.0, you can always test it first, for free.

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