PDF Creator

The PDF Creator is an optional module of the CONREGO system that enables immediate creating of PDF documents, based on templates created with a built-in creator.

Thanks to the functionality of this module, it is possible to create multi-page PDF documents that include, among others, the following:
  • Personalised invitations (based on the data collected in XLS files imported to CONREGO);
  • Passes (optionally with a bar code or a QR code, for the purpose of fast identification of the participant, at the Reception Desk);
  • ID badges (also including a bar code or a QR code, for the purpose of Access Control of participants, regarding selected areas, during an event);
  • Certificates for participants of an event (they are particularly useful during medical congresses and scientific conferences);
  • Personalised guidebooks and other documents confirming participation or related to a particular event.
The PDF Creator offers a user-friendly template creator. Creating of a template consists in the following:

- Defining a unique name;
- Sending a PDF file that contains a graphical project of the document that we wish to generate in the CONREGO system (e.g. a project of an ID badge), to the server;
- Selecting a grid format, i.e. 25x25 or 50x50, which will facilitate the positioning of elements, in relation to each other;
- Embedding the following types of data fields on a project model: system tags, tags corresponding to registration form fields, tags corresponding to questionnaire fields (in the Questionnaires module is applied), or additional tags (e.g. that generate a QR code assigned to the participant).

The print-screen below demonstrates a view of the creator interface.
The Create PDF Files section is intended to generate the final result of our work. Using the available interface, choose one of the previously created group of participants, and also the template prepared using the section discussed before. Having provided the name of a new file, we can now create multi-page, ready-to-print PDF files.

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