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Our event management software was recently reviewed by trusted B2B directory and emerged with a score of 8.0 out of 10 and perfect user satisfaction rating of 100% Continue reading...

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How to write a survey?

A survey is a powerful tool - probably anyone who happened to do such kind of research knows this.

How to convince your manager that a registration system is indispensable?

An event registration system is meant to facilitate the work of event organizers - seems obvious.

Handling contest submissions with CONREGO

Alternative uses of modules continued, or what else you can do with CONREGO system’s flexibility!

Recruiting volunteers with CONREGO event registration software

Does the event you organize require you to accept volunteer submissions?

First steps in event management - part II

We hereby present you the second part of our knowledge base about event managements for rookies.

First steps in event management - part I

Take a look around. Is it your first time here? No biggie! We have got a lot of tips and advice to help you quickly reach a level of expertise in event management.

Carrying out cashbacks with CONREGO

Promotions, offers, contests… Have you ever wondered how often various kinds of marketing campaigns you encounter in your daily life?

9 techniques of event promotion that increase ticket sales

How to promote my event to increase ticket sales? That is the question that keeps many event organizers up at night.

How to check network connection at the conference venue?

The Internet is indispensable in today's world. You can realize this if you recall the moment you wanted to access it and there was no connection.

Unauthorised guests at an event

They are self-confident and look almost relaxed. They meld into the crowd with that particular “I-belong-here” look on their faces. Their poker face and self-confidence are to hide that they are intruders.

How to design and personalise ID badges for event attendees?

This article offers a number of recommendations regarding proper designing of ID badges. Seems simple, but is it really...?

Equipment to carry out access control and handle reception areas - Part 2

The previous entry was dedicated to equipment used at reception areas and for the purpose of access control, and our primary focus was computers and scanners.

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