12 Features of a Well Designed Event Invitation

How to prepare an event invitation and not forget about anything? You only need to check the points below! Continue reading...

12 Features of a Well Designed Event Invitation

12 Features of a Well Designed Event Invitation

How to prepare an event invitation and not forget about anything? You only need to check the points below!
Tomasz Chrosciechowski

How to create an event brand?

Consider - what is a brand to you? You will probably say that it’s a symbol, slogan, or association. But a brand is mainly a promise and assurement. You can trust a brand. These are the first steps you need to take to build it properly.
Lukasz Krawczuk

6 mistakes you don’t want to make designing ID badges

What is an ID badge? It’s not only a way to identify the attendee but also your showcase. A poorly designed one can become the first step to organizational failure.
Tomasz Chrosciechowski

How to have your attendees promote your event for you?

Every event manager’s goal is to sell the event. What should you do to reach it? What’s the best way? It’s very simple - it’s your audience.
Tomasz Chrosciechowski

10 Tips to Help You Promote Your Event

If you’re organizing an event, you surely want as many people to know about it as possible. What to do to make it that way? Try the tips below and your event is sure to be a thing!
Tomasz Chrosciechowski

The Field Inspection, or Things to Be Checked Before Booking a Conference Venue

Doesn’t matter if we’re talking about a conference, a workshop, a gala, or a training session, the venue is arguably one of the most important aspects of event organization. It’s worth spending some time on. It is obvious to anyone who has experienced a gap between expectations and reality.
Justyna Wojciechowska

10 Tools to Help You Promote Your Event

Event marketing is an indispensable part of any event. What should you do to make it easier? Use the right tools, of course!
Tomasz Chrosciechowski

5 Problems You Want to Avoid at the Reception Desk

The reception desk is the attendee’s first direct contact with the organizer. It’s like a first impression - you can make a good one or a bad one. In today’s article you will learn how to avoid the latter!
Tomasz Chrosciechowski

How to Employ Video in Event Marketing?

They say video is the future and soon a vast majority of content on the Internet will be in fact video. It is particularly important in marketing as it’s the strongest tool for communicating brand values and building its expert image.
Igor Podgorski

Event apps & registration go together like a horse and carriage

Do you run event marketing in your company? Or maybe you are thinking about this form of reaching customers and building your brand. Please, take a seat for 5 minutes and answer a few questions.
Lukasz Krawczuk

Seven How’s of CONREGO part II

Warning! This article contains fragments of simple HTML, CSS and Javascript code and instructions to handle it. Reader discretion is advised.
Lukasz Krawczuk

Why you should employ brand monitoring in event marketing

Are you organizing a paid event, a free one, one-time, cyclical? I know you will do your best to ensure its success. That’s why you’re the one organizing it. Know, however, that an event is like a product. And branded products sell better.
Tomasz Chrosciechowski

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