PDF Creator

Save both time and money automating generation of print-ready badges, tickets and certificates

The PDF Creator lets you quickly generate personalized documents based on templates created with a built-in editor.

With the PDF Creator, you will make document templates based on two layers:
a) The background file you can create in any graphics software - its format will determine the format of the entire document (e.g. A6). The background file should include any static elements of your document, like logos, pictures, or plain colored areas.
b) The data layer you create using variable tags. They will cause data fields and other useful data (barcodes, QR codes, agenda) to appear in the editor area.

The module will combine the two layers and personalize the data layer while generating files individually or en masse, e.g. at the Reception Desk or when sending Mailings with attached PDF Creator templates.

The features of the PDF Creator module will enable you to generate individual or multi-page files with:

  • invitations,
  • entry passes or tickets (with an option to place barcodes or QR codes on them and speed up the attendee identification process at the Reception Desk),
  • ID badges (also featuring barcodes or QR codes to enable Access Control during the event),
  • certificates,
  • personalized guides.
CONREGO - PDF Generator Module

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