Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes how personal details entrusted to us by the Users as they use our services are processed and protected.

  1. This Privacy Policy describes how personal details entrusted to us by the Users as they use our services are processed and protected.
  2. This Privacy Policy concerns following websites:,,,,, and as well as other Operator's services related to these websites.
  3. The Operator is CONREGO Sp. z o.o. Sp. k., 66-400 Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland, ul. Ignacego Paderewskiego 40/6, registered by District Court in Zielona Gora, 8th Commercial Division KRS under number: 0000717933, Share capital: 465.921,50 PLN, Tax ID: PL5993215859, REGON: 369440687. The Operator is also the Administrator of personal data placed on the website.
  4. In order to protect the information entrusted to us, we have developed internal procedures and regulations that aim to prevent unauthorized access to this information. We constantly control if they are being carried out and if they comply with Polish and EU law concerning personal data protection and rendering electronic services.
  5. Personal details are processed on the basis of the user's permission and in cases when applicable law entitles the Administrator to process personal data or the Administrator is required to process personal data in order to satisfy the conditions of a contract between the two parties.
  6. The website gathers information abour users and their behavior in following ways:
    a) by saving data willingly entered into forms;
    b) by gathering cookies.
  7. The website gathers information willingly given by the user.
  8. The data entered into forms are processed to ends related to the function of a particular form, e.g. downloading PDF guides or registering a free trial version of CONREGO service.
  9. Personal details gathered by the website shall not be sold or otherwise distributed to anu third parties, according to the stipulations of the Polish Personal Data Protection Act.
  10. The data gathered by forms are available to the person who entered them. This person is also entitled to alter the data and revoke the permission to process them at any time.
  11. We reserve the right to introduce changes in the website's Privacy Policy that can be caused by new technologies, changes to law concerning personal data protection, or the development of our website. Users will be informed of any such changes in an explicit and comprehensible manner.
  12. The website may feature links to other websites. These websites are independent and are not supervised by any CONREGO website in any way. These websites may hve their own privacy policies and terms of use and we encourage you to read them.
  13. If you have any doubt regarding any part of this Privacy Policy, feel free to contact us - you can find our contact details at the bottom of every page, in the CONTACT US section.

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