This part of the CONREGO application provides access to viewing and editing of all the data collected during the registration process, and the processes carried out by other application modules.

Sections of the Reports module provide a functionality that enables:
  • Generating lists of participants, according to pre-defined criteria and filters, and saving them as XLS files;
  • Assigning registered participants to groups, based on any parameters related to profiling;
  • Verifying registration statuses and modifying them, as needed;
  • Editing of personal details regarding participants;
  • Adding new individual registrations and carrying out mass importing of registrations from XLS files (e.g. for the purpose of database input, as required for managing the Reception Desk, Access Control, or sending invitations using the Communication) module;
  • Carrying out mass operations, such as: changing type of participation, changing status, or deleting;
  • Monitoring the number of free seats, regarding events that have a limited number of seats;
  • Controlling cost settlements with participants, in the case of paid registrations;
  • Generating, editing, and sending of proforma and VAT invoices;
  • Verifying of questionnaire applications sent via the Questionnaires module.
This module is responsible for managing registrations. The section enables the following actions:
  • Viewing participant registrations;
  • Editing and adding of individual registrations;
  • Filtering registrations, according to: type of participation, status of registration, language of registration, time period, and key words;
  • Creating groups of participants, as required for generating of reports, sending of mailing, and creating of PDF documents (using the PDF Creator module);
  • Exporting of reports to XLS files;
  • Importing of personal details of participants from XLS files;
  • Importing of previously prepared invitation codes (used, among others, to send individual invitations);
  • Carrying out mass operations: modifying types or statuses of participations, and deleting registrations;
  • Tracking logs of changes made by system users and participants (the participant sheet is available under the icon ).

Panel below shows how the participant's registration card looks like:

The module enables displaying current information, regarding free seats available in each conference facility. Thanks to the available functionality, the data can be exported to a XLS file, in the form of a table.
The Payments section is intended for on-going control of cash flows and generating accounting documents.
The Comments section enables to view and download reports regarding all comments added to registrations.
The Questionnaires section enables managing of questionnaire applications, competition entries, recruitment entries, or scientific abstracts, submitted via the Questionnaires add-on.

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