CONREGO accumulates a lot of information about registering participants. The analysis of data contained in reports created by the system is often quite time-consuming. We use simple statistics to provide clear visualisation of registration progress and the most important effects of the system operation.

Having logged in the system, the first thing you see is the Your event in numbers screen. Thanks to the seven panels that you can adjust any way you like, both in terms of their order and visibility, you will have immediate access to basic information, regarding the most important processes taking place, while the system is in operation, including the following:
  • Course of the registration process, according to pre-selected periods of time;
  • Comments added by the administrators to each individual registration;
  • Current number of participants that checked in at reception areas;
  • Number of registrations, according to pre-assigned types of participation;
  • Number of registrations, according to statuses of registration;
  • Number of participants that signed up for each individual event on the agenda;
  • Number of reservations and free rooms in hotels, provided that booking of accommodation is available as an option in the registration process.
This panel demonstrates the breakdown of all registrations (including unfinished registrations), over a selected period of time.

This panel contains comments added to each individual registration. You will find it particularly useful, if you need to quickly obtain information, concerning the most significant changes made by system administrators, and then immediately move to the data sheet connected to the commented registration.

This panel enables monitoring the current number of people, whose attendance has been confirmed at one of the reception areas, during a conference.

This panel enables you to check the current number of participants registered for an event, divided into (pre-configured) types of participation.

This panel provides information about the current registration state, divided into statuses (initiated, completed, unpaid, paid, abandoned, cancelled, pending, or imported).

This panel demonstrates the number of people registered for each individual event or item of agenda, during the second step of the registration process (the so-called “agenda”).

This panel enables a quick overview of the number of people that have booked hotel rooms available in the accommodation sites entered into the system, at the third step of the registration process.

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