The Payments module enables configuring multiple functions that support management of paid registrations. The entire system can be easily integrated with the most popular payment gateways.

The Payments module enables you to prepare your system to support paid registrations, by:
  • Configuring a price-list for selected agenda items, depending on the selected type of participation;
  • Configuring of data for the documents created by the CONREGO system, i.e.: proforma and VAT invoices (PDF);
  • Editing content of an email message that confirms payment completion, which contains a VAT invoice (PDF), attached by default;
  • Creating and configuring discount codes that can be used by selected participants during registration to get discounts;
  • Configuring of payment methods.

Each of the available CONREGO versions enables complete integrating of the registration process with payment gateways:





CONREGO enables configuring of a price-list for each individual service (e.g. participation in a conference, accommodation, banquet, etc.), depending on the following:
  • Type of participation;
  • Deadline for registering.
Configuration of price-lists is also comprised of selecting appropriate currencies (three default currencies are available), and assigning different VAT rates to each of the selected items of the price-list.
In addition, the registration system you use to sell passes to conferences or training courses must also facilitate creating of accounting documents. CONREGO offers a built-in PDF Creator that generates proforma and VAT invoices.

The functionality of this section enables the following:
  • Determining a three-element numbering format for invoices, using the [year], [month], and [number] tags, according to which the system will automatically number all documents;
  • Determining transaction post currencies used on the created documents;
  • Entering a binding deadline for payment (7, 14, or 31 days);
  • Selecting data fields mandatory for the buyer, and editing data regarding the seller (company details and a bank account No. that will be entered into invoices);
  • Enabling automatic issuing and downloading of proforma invoices;
  • Enabling issuing and downloading of VAT invoices;
  • Selecting a final status of registration, before it is paid for (and its status changes to “paid”);
  • Adding and editing of items featured on invoices, by assigning agenda items;
  • Adjusting templates of accounting documents, by changing a PDF file with graphic background for proforma and VAT invoices.
IMPORTANT: Thanks to the functionality of this CONREGO module, it is possible to group many agenda items that share the same VAT rate under a single position on invoices.
The email message template panel enables us to edit content of an email message delivered to confirm that transaction was made. Each email message contains a VAT invoice, attached by default. The system can send such messaged automatically (if CONREGO has been integrated with a payment gateway that provides the system with feedback information, e.g. that transaction was made successfully with a credit card), or manually (it payments is made by bank transfer).

This section offers the following possibilities:
  • Creating and editing content of email messages (the default message template is responsive);
  • Using registration to load data collected in the registration form.
Such tags function similarly to the tags of mail merge. If a registration tag is used, it results is displaying data entered in a particular field of the registration form corresponding to the tag, at the location where the tag is applied. Such tags can also contain modifiers that determine the method of displaying information entered in the registration form (e.g. together with a field label). Thanks to this functionality, content of an email message with Payment confirmation will not include any data or labels corresponding to the fields in the registration form that have not been filled in.
The module that supports discount codes enables using a very flexible pricing policy, when selling passes to events.

The basic function enables entering any number of discount codes that can correspond to the entire registration process or only to selected agenda items.

Discount codes can be configured, according to the following options:
  • Determining the percentage value of discount;
  • Determining validity period for a discount code;
  • Determining the number of uses for a single code;
  • Modifying the value of discount for other currencies (different from the default currency).
The Payment methods section enables complete integrating of the registration system with payment gateways managed by popular payment service providers. This functionality enables you to do the following:
  • Forcing the system to issue proforma and VAT invoices in the currency selected for a particular registration (it will be a default currency for the entire implementation process);
  • Assigning selected methods of payment to the selector option corresponding to payment methods (configured in the Registration form section), and then configuring them based on the forms adjusted to each of the available service providers, or to the possible payment methods.

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