Thanks to the tools available in the CONREGO Pro suite or in the Website add-on, you can create a responsive website that will inform interested parties about an event to be organised, in a simple and convenient way.

The Website module is a complete content management system (CMS), which enables the following:
  • Adding any number of sub-pages to the website that can be based on various templates;
  • Automatic creating of top navigation (menu) and bottom navigation (website footer);
  • Creating and adding panels and banners:
    a) Text panel – HTML/JS code;
    b) Banner – graphic file with a link;
    c) Nivo slider – Popular jQuery library enabling managing the so-called sliders (rotating graphic images);
  • Creating and editing event agenda (visible on the website);
  • Entering news.
Websites created using the CONREGO system employ template structures based on Boostrap 3.3. The website you are currently looking at is a perfect example of the capabilities of the CMS at your disposal – this entire website was created with our application, and you can download it right now!
This section of the Website module enables immediate creating and easy managing of website sub-pages.

The first screen demonstrates the possibility of viewing each individual sub-page. The second screen contains an editor for a single sub-page and all of its configuration options.
The Panels and banners section enables creating supplementary elements for the sub-pages of your website. Panels and banners are intended to enrich the content available on the sub-pages of the website corresponding to the event. In addition, they can also be used to offer a multitude of interesting functions, such as: panels with tabs, time counters, mini contact forms, calendars, illustrations, and sliders (banners based on rotating graphic images).

The screens below present the screen with panel list management and the configuration page for a selected panel, respectively.

The Website module also includes a convenient editor of event agenda.

It is possible to create a conference agenda divided into sections (e.g. days or thematic paths, if it is a one-day event), by editing the form made available under this section. The system enables creating an event agenda in a horizontal layout (tables under separate horizontal tabs), or in a vertical layout (a set of tables arranged vertically), depending on a template adopted for the file that creates with section with agenda.
The agenda edition panel enables the following:
  • Adding sections with their headers;
  • Adding agenda items that belong to a certain section, and define their names and descriptions;
  • Determine times for each agenda item to take place;
  • Assigning previously added Lecturers to selected agenda items;
  • Changing style of each row with an item of agenda, or hiding it.
The Website functionality also enables publishing and managing news, as part of the created website structure.

The default system settings include two ways of presenting news, i.e. as a list available in the form of a panel on the website homepage (for example, the panel displays abridged versions of three recently added pieces of news), and as a list available on a dedicated sub-page (a full list of news).
The News edition panel enables the following:
  • Adding any number of sub-pages to the website, which will display news (each entry constitutes a separate sub-page);
  • Determining the date of publishing entered content;
  • Entering the so-called “lead” for each sub-page of the News section.

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