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Easier Event Organization with CONREGO

Automate many tasks and save time on attendee management.

Send Event Invitations

Send personalized email invitations to register for an event by importing a list of recipients from an XLS file.

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conference invitations
event attendee registration

Launch Event Registration

Register your attendees in a secure and GDPR compliant process. Create various types of attendees and modify them to suit the needs of your event.

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Sell Event Tickets Online

Build a flexible price list based on the time of registration, employ discount codes, and let your attendees choose their preferred currency and payment method. CONREGO will handle the invoice.

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sell event tickets online
event communication

Send Event Mailings & SMS

Whether you have an important message to send or you just want to say hello, we make it easier for you to communicate with the attendees of your event. Send personalized messages, an entry pass with a QR code, or an attachment with a map of your event. Do you prefer to send a text? No problem, integration with RedLink, SMSAPI, or SMSGlobal will make it possible.

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Create Event Website

Make a good first impression with a branded, responsive, and multilingual website for your event.

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conference website
event check-in and access control

Streamline Event Check-In

Identify attendees at the reception desk, control their access to selected zones, and allow for on-site event registration with your laptop and QR code reader or CONREGO Check-in mobile application.

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Create Event Badges & Passes

With CONREGO, you will create personalized PDF files that can be used as badges, tickets or certificates for your event. They can be easily printed out or emailed.

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conference attendee badges
reporting on events

Analyze Event Reports

The reports section is an analysts' paradise. You can easily download reports or email them straight from the system and create reports according to any criteria. Want more control? You can view and change your registrations at any time.

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Since 2010, we have assisted in organization of 2 000 events for over 1 000 000 attendees.

CONREGO Event Registration Software combines intelligent solutions and experience of event organizers, including:

Companies that have used CONREGO event registration software to organize events Conference organizers supported by CONREGO event management software

What will CONREGO give you?

Regardless of whether you are an experienced user of another event management software or are just beginning your journey, you will surely appreciate:

event management platform

Time saved by automated processes

conference registration system

A single tool to cater to all your needs as an event organizer

GDPR compliant event registration system

Attendee data security and full GDPR compliance

online event registration experts

The ease of contact with our experts

online event management platform

Convenient and seamless event registration for your attendees

event registration without commission

A flat fee without any per-attendee commission

What do event managers say about us?

Experienced event organizers have chosen our event management software and share their insights.

CONREGO provided us with a dedicated platform to coordinate a large, three-day conference with workshops, gala, and trade fairs. Features include virtual invitations, customized event page, newsletters, reception, access control, invoices and goodbye emails. Our customers were delighted!

Karol Wagner

Modern design combined with solid functionality enhances the image of the whole event. A great surprise was the great level of support from the company. The advantages of CONREGO software include integration with many payment gateways and comprehensive service for event attendees.

Dariusz Koperczak
University of Lodz

We have a lot of experience working with registration systems (so far we have used five, and tested many more). (...) The flexibility to adapt the application to our individual needs convinced us to extend our cooperation for another year. So far, CONREGO is the best one!

Paweł Tarasiuk

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