Event Registration & Management Software

An Event Manager needs many tools. CONREGO gathers them all in one place.

Event Registration Online

Attendee registration is a basic functionality of the system. This is why we offer a wide range of configuration possibilities for this process. Using available options, you can launch group registration or verified registration.

Additionally, you can set different terms of registration for each type of ticket so nothing stops you from simultaneously running paid, free of charge, or invitation-only registrations, and speaker applications at the same time. You can easily configure it all by yourself because we made sure the system is clear and intuitive.

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Event Sales & Payments

Payment processing is an indispensable part of many events and it is worth automating. Our software can be integrated with one of the available online payment gateways. Any registering attendee will be redirected to the selected service during the registration process.

What is more, using the price list feature of CONREGO, for each ticket type, you can implement an extensive pricing strategy by adding early bird, regular, and last minute options and using discount codes or additional paid options selected in the registration process.

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Event Website

If you organize a bigger event, e.g. a conference, it might happen that posts on Facebook and a short description above the registration form will not be enough to inform your attendees about everything they should know. A good idea is creating an event website - a place where attendees can access the information they are interested in.

To meet this need, we have equipped CONREGO with a Content Management module that will help you build your own, responsive website from scratch.

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Event Communication

Effective communication is essential. You have to make sure that all attendees are aware of where and when to go and what they should expect on the spot. Especially if you change your plans or policy during the registration process - then it is crucial to provide this information to attendees.

CONREGO makes it possible to effectively communicate with attendees in a personalized way with the use of mass email and text messages.

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On-site Event Management

During the event, you want to be aware of how many attendees have already come and how many are yet to arrive. You also want to make sure that the check-in desk runs smoothly and there are no queues. The effectiveness of check-in desks depends largely on the process you implement but in any case, the system will allow you to achieve maximum efficiency by quickly scanning QR codes and searching attendee records. The ablility to print badges and labels on the spot can make this process even more streamlined.

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Event Badge Creator

If you plan to prepare name badges for attendees, you need an aesthetic design and a tool which allows you to easily apply data and generate files on demand. All you have to do is upload the design to CONREGO and select the places where attendee data should appear - this is enough to send a mailing with personalized tickets, print badges at the event, or generate a PDF file with participation certificates and send it to a printing company.

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Event Reports & Statistics

The final output of attendee registration software is data. It may concern attendees themselves, their interest in particular points of the programme, the operation of the check-in desk or the level of guest satisfaction. Whatever data you want to analyze, you must have easy access to it. Extensive reporting mechanism will allow you to set up daily dispatch of the current guest list to the indicated email address and download financial summaries as XLS spreadsheets, which allows for convenient data analysis.

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