Onboarding & Training for Event Management Software Users

Ongoing use of CONREGO is easy. However, we need to be sure that you do not have any doubts concerning its features.

Better to ask the way than to go astray

Registration process, event website update, mailing and other features of CONREGO software require basic knowledge about the use of web applications. Catering to the needs of Event Managers who want to manage the software themselves, we organize training sessions. There are two forms of training that we offer:

Remote training

Remote training option is free for those who decide to use our services. A session using CONREGO Live online meeting platform is almost as effective as one in your headquarters. This is due to the fact that our platform allows for screen sharing. Such solution allows us to show you the features we discuss - you can see our every action and better understand how CONREGO works.

Onboarding sessions

Similarily to training sessions, onboarding sessions are performed remotely. One of our best experts will lead you through the registration software interface, present you the most important features, and drop some hints so that you can squeeze the most out of our software.

Open access to CONREGO documentation

No matter if you use enterprise event management software configured by us, or if you purchased one of the available CONREGO Subscription Plans, know that the system has complete documentation.

Inside the application itself, you will find the Help section and tutorials, and on our event registration experts' blog - dozens of articles discussing various uses of CONREGO software.