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Online Events with CONREGO: Conferences

Hi! This is the second article about how CONREGO Live online event platform can help you execute your event.


Online Events with CONREGO: Trade Shows

You're looking to organize a trade show online? Great! In this article, we present you how to do it.


10 Tips for Online Event Speakers

In 2020, we witnessed an increase in the popularity of virtual events. Due to the global pandemic, we have limited options of organizing regular conferences and for the most part, we’re left with online. Out of necessity, event organizers grew to appreciate the benefits of organizing virtual events.


5 Tips for Hybrid Event Organizers

A successful hybrid event can be difficult to pull off because it essentially consists of two separate events: offline (regular) and online. If it is to run smoothly, you need practical knowledge about both these types.


6 Ideas for a Virtual Conference They Won’t Forget

I’m sure you have attended many conferences that were memorable due to their form, content, or unexpected events. I’m also sure these memories come from events before the March of 2020.


How to Organize a Virtual Conference

So, you want to join the ever-growing community of online event organizers? That's great! In this article, I'll tell you about the most important aspects of organizing an online event.


Case Study: Galderma Webinar

In April 2020, we were asked to support Bloch & Friends Agency in organizing a meeting for Galderma - the world's biggest independent dermatology pharmeceuticals company.


Why Attendee Engagement Is More Important Now Than Ever Before

The raging coronavirus epidemic may have put live events on the back burner for the foreseeable future. However, this does not mean that events are not a priority anymore. Virtual events have taken over real-world interactions.


We Have Online Conferences!

More and more event organizers decide to move their conferences to the internet. It is hardly surprising - in the vast majority of cases, it is preferable to cancelling the event.


3 Methods of Gathering Event Registrations Fast

You're launching an event and you start praying that someone buys a ticket? Admit it - this is not the best strategy. You better try more efficient ways of gathering registrations fast.