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Event Apps Are Useless Without a Good Communication Strategy

Let’s say you have done a thorough research. After weeks of testing and discussions, your team has finally reached a decision. You are about to implement one of the event apps.


#eventgoer: The Vet

Hi! My name is Ed Barker. I’m an event goer. Oh, what a cutie! May I pet it?


How to Have Your Attendees Promote Your Event for You?

Every event manager’s goal is to sell the event. What should you do to reach it? What’s the best way? It’s very simple - it’s your audience.


10 Tips to Help You Promote Your Event

If you’re organizing an event, you surely want as many people to know about it as possible. What to do to make it that way? Try the tips below and your event is sure to be a thing!


#eventgoer: The Nerd

Hi! My name is Trogdor the Burninator. I’m an event goer. I’m a level 105 mage wearing the legendary Black Flame set. Only two other people on the server have it. Are you going to King’s panel, too?


7 Ways Event Registration Software Will Improve Every Event

If you already know how the event registration software works... how exactly will it make your team work better?


Field Inspection, or Things to Check Before Booking a Conference Venue

The place of a conference, workshop, gala, or training is probably one of the most important aspects of organizing an event. It’s worth spending some time on. It is obvious to anyone who has experienced a gap between expectations and reality.


#eventgoer: The Photographer

Hi! My name is Max McFocus. I’m an event goer. Wait a sec… OK, I got it. Sorry about that but the composition was just perfect and I had to take the shot.


How to Employ Video in Event Promotion?

They say video is the future and soon a vast majority of content on the internet will be in fact video. It is particularly important in marketing as it’s the strongest tool for communicating brand values and building its expert image.


9 Tools to Help You Promote Your Event

Event promotion is an indispensable part of any event. What should you do to make it easier? Use the right tools, of course!