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#eventgoer: The Speaker

Hi! My name is Mark Guru. I’m an event goer. I’d like to invite you to my lecture on the use of social media in digital marketing. It’s in the green room at 5:30.


How to Convince Your Manager That a Registration System Is Indispensable?

An event registration system is meant to facilitate the work of event organizers - seems obvious.


How Did Event Registration Software Assist in Organizing a Medical Congress?

Emilia Straburzyńska will tell us about her experience in organizing medical congresses and five years of working with CONREGO registration system.


#eventgoer: The Journalist

Hi! My name is Lois. I’m an event goer. An interview? With me? Haha, usually it’s the other way around. But sure, no problem.


9 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Organizing an Event

Take a look around. Is it your first time here? No biggie! We have got a lot of tips and advice to help you quickly reach a level of expertise in event management.


Running Cashback Websites with CONREGO

Promotions, special offers, contests… Have you ever wondered how often you encounter various kinds of marketing campaigns in your daily life?


#eventgoer: The Kid

Hi! My name is Billy. I’m an event goer. It’s so boring here… Mom, will you buy me cotton candy?


9 Techniques of Event Promotion That Increase Ticket Sales

How to promote my event to increase ticket sales? That is the question that keeps many event organizers up at night.


Event Registration Platform as a Tool in Marketing Campaigns

How did the idea of using event registration software to carry out a cashback come to life and why was it a bullseye? In today’s interview, our questions will be answered by Kasia Dulemba, Polymus Account Manager.


#eventgoer: The Antihostess

Hi! My name is Lucy Fair. I’m an event goer. The green room is this way and to the left. Have a nice day.