Running Cashback Websites with CONREGO

Promotions, special offers, contests… Have you ever wondered how often you encounter various kinds of marketing campaigns in your daily life?

Running Cashback Websites with CONREGO

And now for a better question: have you ever wondered how to utilize them?

If you analyze the topic, you will quickly discover that promotions are virtually everywhere. Discount systems, loyalty programs, cashbacks, contests… The marketing machine is going full steam ahead. Indeed, marketing agencies serving brands of products or services very frequently engage in organizing promotions. Why though? The answer is simple: because it’s worth it.

One of the most universally used mechanics in such promotions is a partial cost return or other rewards for buying your products from retailers. Here is an example of a practical application:

Cachbacks, the leading topic of this entry, generate indirect income. The main aim of a cashback is to reward the customer for shopping, which strengthens his bond with the brand. Actual income, however, comes later. Most agencies employed by various brands perfectly know this mechanism while their clients eagerly choose to run cashbacks.

Naturally, to organize such a promotion, agencies are in need of a submission processing system. To satisfy that need, the teams organizing promotions build their own IT tools. Unfortunately, as Kasia Dulemba from Polymus agency (cashbacks are her daily bread) told us recently, such tools are not always fully functional (read the entire interview: Event registration system as a tool in a marketing campaign.

[In the past] promotions were a challenge regarding how tedious it was to carry them out – this is how Kasia Dulemba described working on a promotion before using CONREGO. Now comes the interesting part. As it turns out, a cashback website requires the software to feature virtually the same functions as event management software! An event registration system is practically a system that can help serve promotions as it is.

Intrugued by the topic, I talked to several clients of CONREGO and discovered that the teams responsible for organizing promotions are not aware of the solutions that event managers are using on a daily basis. They are also not aware that an event registration system is a tool for them as well.

How can CONREGO help you organize a cashback?

Submission registration

With the use of functions offerred by CONREGO online registration software, you can easily build a registration form that will let the customer register their purchase by:

After the submission is made, the system will send a confirmation message to the promotion participant. You can use this email to inform the participant about: the fact that the organizer needs to verify every submission, the date at which customers will be informed about the outcome, or rewards in case of a positive effect of the analysis.

Submission analysis

With integral event reports, CONREGO facilitates tracking, analysis, and exporting submissions into XLS files. This in turn lets you transfer them to external systems, for instance CRMs (Customer Relationship Management).

Communication with customers

Using the event mailing feature, you will send mass emails and text messages to participants taking part in the promotion, informing them about rewards or rejections if their submissions did not meet the conditions described in terms and conditions.

Responsive Website

Every promotion needs captivating visuals. With the use of the CMS module, you will easily build a responsive event page consistent with the promotion or brand.


All the mentioned functionalities are available as a part of CONREGO Premium subscription plan, which costs only $1044 annually! Do not delay and check out CONREGO with a 14-day free trial!

Tomasz Chrościechowski