Software for training organization

One platform to allow your attendees to register for all trainings, workshops, and conferences.

Why CONREGO Multievent?

We understand the needs of our clients and that they are unique. Usually, there is a need to adjust the software to existing processes and structure in the client’s organization. This is why we treat each CONREGO Multievent implementation individually, adapting it to the requirements in close cooperation with the recipient.

With our support, you gain a consistent, secure, and bespoke tool, granting you following benefits:

  1. Your attendees can easily find the event they are interested in and register in a couple of clicks.
  2. You always know how many attendees registered for which event.
  3. You can start registration for an event, providing only some crucial information. Everything will look consistent and professional.
  4. You will generate sales reports for a selected month or the entire year with a single click.
  5. You will easily send a mass personalized marketing campaign to attendees who gave their consent.
  6. You are certain that only authorized users have access to personal data and that your platform is GDPR compliant.
  7. You can always contact CONREGO support, who will solve any problem and clear up any doubt.
Multi Event Platform dedidated for training & workshop organizers

Base features of the software

A tried and tested set of features is the baseline, which we present you and together, we agree on the changes we need to introduce. The baseline features include:

  1. easy event creation with the use of a bespoke creator,
  2. a website including a catalogue of published events,
  3. attendee accounts, which allow you to easily browse the history of registrations and manage the data, while allowing the attendee to register quickly,
  4. payment processing gateway integration (PayPal, Braintree, Stripe, etc.),
  5. automated invoice generation,
  6. sales, data processing, and event reports,
  7. user accounts with various access levels and product line permissions,
  8. quick overview of the progress of registration for upcoming events,
  9. automated communication with attendees and users,
  10. marketing and personal data processing consent tracking.

These features are the baseline. We start each implementation with a discussion. We list all your requirements and present you the solutions we recommend. The final product is exactly what you need.

Multi Event Registration Platform Customer Support

Software is not everything

Software implementation is only the beginning. We will ensure that attendee details are stored in a secure environment and if you have any doubts regarding the use of the platform, we will point you in the right direction.

The first step to organize multiple events efficiently is a talk with a CONREGO representative.