HCP Sponsorship Software for Pharmaceutical Companies

Managing participation sponsorships is a lot of work related to coordinating data collection, logistics, accommodation booking, accounting, and marketing.

Why CONREGO Pharma?

We have been working with the pharmaceutical industry's leaders since 2014. We provide them with a tool allowing for convenient and secure sponsorship management. Our clients are pharmaceutical companies, who engage in sponsorship activities targeted at HCPs attending medical conferences, congresses, and webinars organized by our clients or third parties.

Sponsored event registration software dedicated to pharmaceutical companies is a tool, which will handle your processes in a way, that is:

  • centralized and secure,
  • law compliant (pharmaceutical laws, tax laws, personal data protection laws, bylaws),
  • adapted to the company’s structure.

We are grateful for the trust our clients placed in us:

Pharmaceutical companies utilizing CONREGO Pharma Multievent Management Software to sponsor HCP's
CONREGO Pharma Multi-event registration and management platform for Pharmaceutical companies

What goals does CONREGO Pharma achieve?

Despite the differences in organizations’ processes, all pharmaceutical companies who sponsor HCP participation in medical conferences, share the same goals.

  1. Acquire correct personal data of doctors and your employees participating in events, in a secure and convenient manner.
  2. Clearly present the participation sponsorship offer and the fringe benefit price list.
  3. Control the limits of attendees per event, per element of the offer, and per product line.
  4. Quickly find doctors registered for any event and update their details.
  5. Easily accommodate attendees in hotel rooms, basing on the information about the preferred roommate.
  6. Quickly communicate with attendees and system users via email or SMS.
  7. Track information about consents to the processing of personal data.
  8. Easily access any data summary and download them as XLS files.
  9. Automatically generate sponsorship agreements for doctors.
  10. Effectively summarize all the doctor participation sponsorship costs in a fiscal year.
  11. Generate transparency report and other analytical reports.
  12. Secure the data by controlling user access rights and substitution management.

These are only the basic goals which can be achieved with our software. We have a solid base of features, upon which we can build to provide you a platform fully adapted to your company’s needs.

Multi Event Registration Platform Customer Support

Software is not everything

Software implementation is only a beginning. Within the scope of our offer, we will make sure it is maintained in a secure environment and deliver top level technical support and user training.

The first step to efficient management of sponsored conference participation for HCPs is a talk with a CONREGO representative.