Conference Check-In & On-site Registration

We provide the necessary equipment, software and experience, thanks to which reception of the attendees of your event becomes smooth and seamless.

Good first impression

Smooth reception is key because it is the first direct contact between the attendee and the organizer. Our service is always adapted to the unique needs of each event.

Check-in models

Check-in models used at conferences and congresses can be divided into 2 basic types:

Cooperation options

Our team will help support the check-in process at different levels of engagement:

We provide software in the form of the Check-in module that:

We provide equipment in the form of:

At open-air events (or other locations) with limited or no access to the internet, we can set up a local network server. It enables reception desks to proceed when internet connection fails.

We provide technical support and we train the check-in staff, who are either hired by the organizer or CONREGO.


Based on the data gathered in CONREGO and with the use of the Event Badge Generator, we prepare files with badges that can be easily delivered to a printing company of choice. Badge personalization can be done in 2 ways: