Registration Software for Contests & Surveys

CONREGO will prove to be a great tool due to the fact that handling surveys and competition entries is strikingly similar to event attendee registration.


Designing a survey with CONREGO is easy and can proceed as follows:

  1. You import a database of people you want to invite to participate in the survey.
  2. You send out personalized invitations containing unique links that allow the attendees to access the survey form.
  3. After completing the survey, attendees will be redirected to the thank you page and will receive the confirmation email.

You can browse and modify survey applications, and download them as XLS spreadsheets at any time.


Regarding the necessary features, contests and surveys do not differ that much. Both require collecting attendee details. You only need to prepare a proper registration form with a field that allows the participant to upload their entry. However, in the case of video applications, it is better to collect links to recordings hosted externally. Dedicated VOD platforms like YouTube and Vimeo can handle large video files more easily. Contests are usually open for the general public so you will be neither importing the database of invitees nor sending out invitation emails. Publishing a link to the registration form in any place promoting the contest is enough.

NOTICE: CONREGO does not support automated winner selection. Due to a wide range of models for this process, the organizer needs to apply their process manually. However, you can browse and modify contest entries, and download them as XLS spreadsheets throughout the process.

As already mentioned - contests and surveys data processing and forms are very similar to event attendee registration handled with any online registration software. The process of collecting surveys and contest entries is less complex, whic makes it easier to implement in the system.