Event Registration & Management Enterprise Services

Software that supports event organization and attendee management is just a tool. We offer much more.

Event Registration Software Implementation

The service provides the Event Manager with a ready-to-use solution in the form of a bespoke registration system. It is a toolkit supporting the process of attendee registration for any event: conference, congress, or training. Optional modules allow the attendee to pay the participation fee online, book accomodation, or select accompanying events. Upon request, we can configure the application and expand its functionality to include additional features to fully adjust our software to your needs.

CONREGO team provides support throughout the process – beginning with the preparation of invitations and ending with the provision of complete reports.

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Single Event Registration Software Implementation
Multiple Event Registration & Management Platform

Multiple Event Management Platform

CONREGO Multievent is a system prepared to handle multiple events simultaneously. It allows you to create a database of contacts (persons), which can include multiple participations. A simple creator will help you add new events and publish them in the event catalogue, where attendees can browse them. Whenever an attendee registers for a subsequent event, the software will load most of their details from the contact database, allowing them to register with a few clicks.

Our software is available in two variants:

  • For publishers and other companies organizing trainings / courses
  • For pharmaceutical companies who sponsor conference participation
Software for training organization Software for pharmaceutical companies

Virtual Event Platform Set-up

Sometimes you simply cannot organize an in-person event. CONREGO makes it possible to run an online conference. With our solution, you can connect with attendees across the world without additional costs related to organizational issues that you would normally have in the case of a traditional event. Our team will take care of website branding, the streaming panel, and training for your team.

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Virtual Events Management & Streaming Platform
Event Check-in & Onsite Management

Event Check-in Service

First impression is crucial. This is why the reception of your event attendees must be seamless. The equipment, software, and many years of experience delivered by CONREGO team make the check-in process smooth and trouble-free. Depending on the specifics of the event and your individual needs, we always adjust our service to meet all the requirements. We also train the check-in counter staff.

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Event Access Control Service

Control over attendee flow is a solution when there is a need to restrict access to certain zones at the venue. This can be the case with multi-session conferences, paid sessions, or rooms with limited number of seats. Organizers can use this service to verify if the attendee selected an item on the agenda during registration, obtain information about the number of guests present in each conference room, and locate specific people participating in the event. CONREGO provides the necessary equipment and trains the staff on-site.

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Access Control based on QR code scanning
Training Sessions for Event Managers

Onboarding & Training for Event Managers

If you want to freely use CONREGO on your own to manage the registration, you will need some knowledge about the registration process, updating the webiste, and sending out mailing campaigns. To give you that knowledge, we will train you online or at your office, depending on your needs.

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Event Attendee Support

The information center service is aimed at Event Managers who want to ensure professional communication with attendees. Our team of experts will handle communication with attendees in Polish and English via phone, email, and text messages on weekdays from 9 AM to 5 PM Polish time.

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Event Attendee Helpdesk & Support Services