3 Methods of Gathering Event Registrations Fast

You're launching an event and you start praying that someone buys a ticket? Admit it - this is not the best strategy. You better try more efficient ways of gathering registrations fast.

3 Methods of Gathering Event Registrations Fast

Master them and find out that event organization can be even easier.

When your event is already planned and your perfect event website is ready, now is the time to register attendees. Motivating anyone to take part in an event is not a trivial issue at all. Luckily, there are tools that work as motivational drivers. They may take various forms because each of us is being motivated differently. Let's discuss these tools and explain how they help you sell your event faster.

Early registration

We like being rewarded and a lower rate for an early registration is a reward, indeed. Anyone who takes advantage of such a time-limited option may feel like they've won, because they've shown cleverness, speed, and bought a ticket cheaper than others.

This psychological mechanism works great. To use it in your event, make sure your registration software allows you to implement a flexible price list depending on the registration date. For example, in CONREGO event management platform, you can assign any number of pricing periods for each agenda item offered in the registration process. This way, you can give each prospective attendee a varied offer and, what's even more important for you as the organizer, you can sell event tickets online with a flexible pricing policy including Early Bird, Regular Price and Last Minute.

Discount codes

For future event attendees, discount codes are another reason to buy tickets. Saving money, or the commonly used term 'opportunity', will be an important motivator here. Such discounts should drive sales immediately after launching the registration. Note that the disount code mechanism should be flexible and functional. What does it mean?

It is you who decides when, on what percentage level, and which elements are to be included in the discount code, and how many times it can be used.


The right to take part in a paid session for free can be a trigger for early registration. Especially when you offer this only to e.g. first 10 registrations. Quick registration of ten attendees guaranteed. If you use a good registration system, you should be able to control limits for every item on the agenda.

Surely, the entire process can be improved with the use of additional motivators. Test them! Also, don't forget about a functional registration system and personalized communication with attendees. As the organizer, make sure that every attendee can contact you and speak to a properly trained personnel via phone or online chat on the website. Remember about email campaigns to communicate with attendees, too.

We hope that, whether with divine help or our help, tickets to your events will sell like hotcakes. Good luck!

Toomasz Chrościechowski