#eventgoer: The Journalist

#eventgoer: The Journalist

Hi! My name is Lois. I’m an event goer. An interview? With me? Haha, usually it’s the other way around. But sure, no problem.

You will see me at events like this one. I’m interested in IT product launches and new technologies, especially related to AI and Blockchain. That’s what our news website deals with and what both we and our audience are interested in. But that’s just me, you can find journalists at most events.

I pay particular attention to the innovation and publicity. You see, there’s no point writing about the same thing all over again. And there’s no point writing an entire article about some minor college conference in a small town. Articles have to attract the readers and, in order to do so, they really need to have real value.

I expect a free press pass. It’s usually a norm, and that’s why I expect it, but there are some exceptions. Sure, we do benefit from publishing an article about your event, but so does your event brand benefit from being featured in our article.

I’m annoyed by these rough lanyards. Sometimes you have to wear them for a few days straight and some of them can really irritate your skin or bite into it. I never really dug into lanyard manufacturers or materials but there’s this one kind that I really hate.

What I like most is a good steak. I’m kidding but this question really asked for it. What I like most are lectures that are actually great. The speaker is a major factor here. You can give a lecture about the most sophisticated and interesting solution but if you’re boring, you’re boring. Fortunately, it doesn’t happen too often.

Lukasz Krawczuk

Thank you for your time and insight, Lois. Two things call for attention. Free press passes and lanyards. Maybe it’s an odd combination but both pains are relatable. Press pass - obviously, they’re usually free and in return we gain the buzz and publicity, which is exactly what we want. However, it’s worth verifying press badges so that you don’t let, say, Jane in. Lanyards, it’s best to have a dependable provider of quality lanyards and stick with them. You can check if they’re comfortable yourself or simply ask your attendees. They will surely appreciate that you care about their comfort. As for the rest, it’s as Lois said, these aspects heavily depend on the journalist, office, industry, and target audience.
Look forward to another event goer soon!