New version of CONREGO

On December 10, 2023, a new version (7) of the CONREGO event participant registration system was launched. The new version is a culmination of 14 years of experience and 4 years of project work. What's new in CONREGO?

New version of CONREGO

The Story Behind the Latest CONREGO Edition

It's been 4 years of hard work, unexpected twists, and turns that we didn't foresee. The limitations of the old version of the registration system, which came into existence in 2017, prompted us to prepare a completely new tool. The system's architecture was outdated, and analyzing changes and implementing them consumed a lot of time. We encountered several constraints, leading to the decision to cease the development of the old version and focus on an entirely new one built from scratch. Conceptual work began in July 2019. The prototype interface of the new CONREGO version was completed in March 2020... and then the pandemic struck. Initially, we assumed that due to the market slowdown caused by lockdowns, we would be able to dedicate most of our time to development. During that gloomy period with this optimistic assumption, we eagerly started work. However, it quickly became apparent that customers expected our help because the ban on organizing physical meetings could be circumvented by hosting events online. Hence, the team divided its time between implementing the online conference platform and working on the new CONREGO version. By the end of 2020, there wasn't even a preliminary test version because only the framework of the interface had been built. We didn't halt work on the new system, but progress slowed significantly, compounded by changes in our team composition.

The year 2021 brought about a real boom in large online conferences, and we handled dozens of them. The situation began to stabilize only in 2022. At that point, we made significant progress, and by the year-end, we were only missing the Reception, Access Control modules, and a few additional supporting functions. Many clients asked when "version seven" would be released. Initially, we assumed we could wrap everything up by July 2023. However, the effectiveness of planning is best captured by Mike Tyson's quote:

| Everyone has a plan till they get punched in the mouth.

Following this "punch," in May, I made the decision to implement an entirely new infrastructure - to run the CONREGO system and eventually make it available on Amazon's cloud (AWS). This was a huge step toward flexibility, performance, and data security, which pays off in the future. However, in the short term, it was a bit like "exposing the other cheek" to another blow. The work related to the complete implementation on the new infrastructure forced the redesign of many parts of already finalized modules of the system. In early September, though, the system was ready for its initial external security tests. An audit was commissioned to experts from the company Securitum (you've probably heard of their Facebook profile Sekurak), and after addressing nearly all system vulnerabilities by the end of September, we reached the point where the system was ready for initial deployments.

External UX/UI testers and clients who declared their assistance during functional testing had a massive impact on the current state of the system. We're incredibly grateful to them. Meanwhile, all modules were completed, additional integrations (such as integration with InvoiceOcean or) were finalized, and each system module began to function steadily and predictably. With the new version, we've successfully managed several events, and after some final touches, I concluded that we possess a product that all organizers should get to know. This decision was made on December 7, and it went into effect on December 10. There's still a lot of work ahead because it's not the end. However, a certain stage in the history of CONREGO has concluded. When something ends, something else begins, and for the contribution to these endings and new beginnings, I thank my colleagues, clients, and subcontractors.

Tomasz Chrościechowski

Built from the ground up

CONREGO surpasses the limitations of the previous version, offering comprehensive improvements that revolutionize event organization. Here are the key changes in the new version:

CONREGO Dashboard

Pic. Light and dark mode in the CONREGO administrative panel

Major Changes

The interface and system architecture underwent a true revolution:

The email message creator in the CONREGO Registration Software

Pic. Visual email message creator.

Development Plans

We're not stopping here and plan to further expand and enhance the system. Currently, our plan includes:

The selection of services integrated with the CONREGO Registration Software

Pic. Integrations of CONREGO with other services

Technical Support

Alongside the new system, we offer new technical support tools: