Online Events with CONREGO: Conferences

Hi! This is the second article about how CONREGO Live online event platform can help you execute your event.

Online Events with CONREGO: Conferences

Today, I will show you how a classic conference can work in a virtual environment.


By ‘conference’, I mean a rather large event including a couple of simultaneous sessions. Since seats in session rooms are limited, attendees have to declare in which sessions they want to participate on registration. In addition, there is the plenary session, which is available to all and is the only session available at the time. Another possible element of a conference are workshops. They are usually smaller and more focused on engaging attendees and interacting with them.


To sum up, we need three types of rooms:

The issue that remains is controlling which attendee should have access to which rooms and at what times should a room be available at all. Again, CONREGO Live’s conference interface will help you:

CONREGO Live conference interface

Our representative will make sure that only currently active (according to the agenda) rooms are visible and that attendees can only enter sessions they registered for. We mark the rooms which are active and our software shows them to attendees who selected them in the registration process. We don’t automate this function due to possible delays in the conference. With our solution, conferences can function as virtual events and retain their characteristics.

Lukasz Krawczuk