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Work-Life Balance, or How to Be an Event Manager and Keep Your Sanity

Event manager is a tough job. Hundreds of deadlines, thousands of calls, and even more overtime. Sounds familiar? That’s why you should get to know work-life balance.


How to Make Your Social Media Work for Your Sponsors?

Do you want to create a mutually beneficial relation with your sponsor? Do you want to show them that they have found a good, lucrative investment? It’s not that difficult! You only need to know how to use social media to achieve this.


10 Elements of a Great Event Website

How to create an event website? A properly designed website should include elements that will make the life easier both for your readers and yourself. Only then you can say that it serves its purpose.


4 Tools You Should Be Using for Your Event

An experienced Event Manager knows that among factors that decide whether the event will be successful or not, good communication is one of the most important ones.


Event Manager’s Guide to GDPR Compliance

GDPR was introduced in May 2018 and presented a set of requirements concerning personal data processing and event registration software design.


CONREGO on Capterra’s Top 20 List

We are proud to announce that CONREGO was #9 on the list of most affordable event management software by Capterra!


12 Features of a Well Designed Event Invitation

How to prepare an event invitation and not forget about anything? You only need to check the points below!


How to Create an Event Brand?

Consider - what is a brand to you? You will probably say that it’s a symbol, slogan, or association. But a brand is mainly a promise and assurement. You can trust a brand. These are the first steps you need to take to build it properly.


#eventgoer: The Collector

Howdy! My name is Joseph Possum. I’m an event goer. Did you see that? They’re giving away some nice sandwiches over there. And there’ they have pens. Pretty solid. I took a few for my grandson. He goes to school so he’ll have a use for them.


6 Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make Designing Conference Badges

What is a badge? It's obviously the attendee's showcase… but also the even organizer's. A poorly designed one can become the first step to organizational failure.