Case Study: Galderma Webinar

In April 2020, we were asked to support Bloch & Friends Agency in organizing a meeting for Galderma - the world's biggest independent dermatology pharmeceuticals company.

Case Study: Galderma Webinar

Webinar requirements

Galderma is a company specializing in the area of innovative medical solutions, focusing on skin health. The event we supported was planned to address "Safety of Aesthetic Procedures in a State of Increased Epidemic Risk". Due to the epidemic, the meeting was organized as a webinar.

The event was only available to healthcare professionals and medical facility managers. The outline included five speaker sessions. Three of the speakers were present in the studio and two were delivering remotely. The webinar was planned to take an hour and a half and the audience was estimated to be up to 1000.

In order to guarantee the highest quality, Bloch & Friends Agency decided to cooperate with two parties:


Bloch & Friends Agency was responsible for coordinating the project. It also prepared visual elements consistent with Galderma brand, including a graphic design of the website and speaker introduction screens.

Event website and registration software

We - CONREGO - prepared a responsive event website containing information about the programme of the conference, speaker bios, and the registration form.

We provided the functionality required for closed events - attendee access control. We had to check if a prospective attendee is either a healthcare professional or a medical facility manager. We verified that on the basis of the HCP license or tax ID number entered into the registration form. CONREGO software also sent situational emails to registered attendees:

Online events platform

CONREGO Live platform, integrated with event management software, allowed us to secure access to the conference. Only the registered attendees could participate. They were sent unique links that only allowed access from a single device at a time. On the webinar platform, we presented audio-video feed from the studio. In order to assure the most consistent brand image, we adjusted the online event platform to the website design.

High quality video and audio transmitted from the studio was mixed from several sources:

Thanks to the technical capabilities of On The Air studio, the entire transmission reached our software as a single stream, which enhanced the quality of the presented content. Using the online chat integral to the transmission screen, attendees could ask questions. Chat moderators verified them and passed them to the speakers. After the event, we prepared a full report summarizing the registration and time of entry and exit of each attendee, and sent it to Galderma and Bloch & Friends.

Take a look at the webinar interface.


Organizing an event in the form of a webinar is as challenging as organizing a regular conference. The success of an online event depends on many factors, most notably efficient cooperation with partners and robust technological solutions.

Cooperation with Bloch & Friends Agency and On The Air studio proved that the choice of competent partners is a matter you cannot overrate. Delegating tasks to experts in the field not only speeds up the process of event organization, but mainly maximizes the chance of success.

The technology was delivered by CONREGO. The virtual conference platform and attendee registration we delivered combined all the elements of the meeting into an integral whole.

The webinar was a success, as proven by attendee opinions and statistical data. Only a small percentage of attendees left before the conference concluded. It is something to be proud of and a good quality benchmark for our next events. From now on, there is only progress!


Galderma is the world's biggest independent dermatology pharmeceuticals company. It was established in 1981 as a joint venture between Nestle and L'Oreal. Since 2014 until September 2019, it was conducting business as Nestle Skin Health, being a part of Nestle S.A. group. Since October 2019, Galderma is an independent company managed by a consortium of investors: EQT, Luxinva - a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA), and PSP Investment. The company is on the Polish market since 2020.

Bloch & Friends

PBCI Sp. z o.o. is a team of passionate professionals producing creative solutions for their clients since 2014. The company's field of expertise is comprehensive production and service of conferences, exhibits, and group tours.

On The Air

Experts in multi-camera live productions, inlcuding virtual studio technology, from On The Air studio. The company offers the ability to transmit and record an event from any location by employing a well-equipped transmission van and portable streaming sets.

What did the webinar look like for attendees?

The webinar room (start of the event)

Galderma promotional video starting the webinar on CONREGO Live online conference platform
The webinar room (session in progress)
Speaking during the Galderma webinar in a room of CONREGO Live platform
The recording studio
Production of Galderma webinar in On The Air studio, which provided a live online meeting for CONREGO Live platform
Studio equipment
On The Air studio equipment

Tomasz Chrościechowski