Virtual Conference Software Implementation

Our enterprise software implementation service can include access to CONREGO Live, a fully integrated online events platform.

Conference rooms

Online events on our platform take place in so called 'rooms'. To the attendee, each room is a separate stream. Just like real rooms, they can differ in looks (branding) and capacity. Similarly to a traditional event, online meetings can take place in a single room or in multiple rooms. We offer rooms with following capacities:

Attendees who register for the event will receive unique links allowing to access the rooms they registered for. The system automatically blocks attempts of using the same link by more than one attendee.


As a part of CONREGO Live implementation, we adjust the design of rooms to your expectations. We can modify colors of background and elements, the font and the logotype. Each room can have its own distinctive branding. Unfortunately, we are cannot change the domain of the room (it needs to be However if you want to offer attendees access to multiple rooms simultaneously, we can build an interface that works under any domain you need.


Online events that you organize with us do not have to be boring streams of people talking to webcams. Employ a variety of forms of content and interactions to engage your attendees. Apart from a regular video broadcast (similar to Zoom meetings), our platform allows for:

  1. sharing and presenting files in following formats: PDF, MS PowerPoint, MS Word, MS Excel, GIF, BMP, JPG, PNG, and Prezi presentations,
  2. playing videos from YouTube or Vimeo,
  3. presentation of a whiteboard, on which speakers can draw,
  4. presentation of the speaker's desktop,
  5. creating Call-to-Action buttons - panels with customizable content and a button, e.g. 'Download the presentation',
  6. conducting surveys and voting with a possibility of presenting the results in the webinar panel,
  7. launching a chat (open or moderated) and allowing attendees to speak out,
  8. conducting conferences in three modes:
  1. changing the arrangement of the event panel:
  1. recording the meeting (the standard is 6 hours but there is a possibility to expand storage space for the recordings).

Stream created in cooperation with a recording studio

For all online conferences (except small workshops), we recommend using CONREGO Live platform to broadcast a stream created by a recording studio. Such a broadcast can be enhanced by using features mentioned before: live chat, surveys, and polls.

Optimal stream parameters are: 720p HD resolution, 3500 kbps bitrate, AAC audio codec.

CONREGO Live competitive advantage

Our streaming platform integrated with event registration software lets us employ following solutions: