9 Techniques of Event Promotion That Increase Ticket Sales

How to promote my event to increase ticket sales? That is the question that keeps many event organizers up at night.

9 Techniques of Event Promotion That Increase Ticket Sales

Why is that? Swiftly and effectively executed sale opens up the way to consecutive tasks. Failure at this step, however, always makes processes that follow much harder.

In the span of the decade of continuous work in the event industry, I have supported the organization of over a thousand events that employed CONREGO event management system to register over half a million attendees. I came to know the nuisances event organizers face and obtained knowledge that let me eliminate many of the industry’s problems. Without doubt, one of the most significant problems - the ones that contribute the most towards successive missteps - is selling tickets.

If you are an event organizer, you will be fully aware of how important an aspect of event management it is. Poorly promoted sales can delay further steps of the organization process, force you to rearrange the whole plan, or, in extreme cases, make you cancel your event.

How to hedge this risk and retain both fluidity and balance when organizing a conference, a congress, or any other event? To answer this question, you need to know the basic rules of marketing and, consequently, understand your target group. It took me years of work in the event industry to learn this. Using this experience, I was able to write down all the most important techniques, point by point, creating a guide –

9 Techniques of Event Promotion That Increase Ticket Sales.

The guide will let you see event promotion as a manageable task. It will clarify some not-so-obvious mechanisms and - most importantly - help you achieve the desired effect. Reading the guide, you will surely find that you have used some of these techniques before and that is great! However, note that only a holistic approach can assist you in achieving a full-blown success. And this is the exact kind of success I wish you experience. To give you an edge in reaching this, I wholeheartedly encourage you to familiarize yourself with these techniques.

Tomasz Chrościechowski