Communication With Attendees via Email

Can you imagine that you have to write and then manually send emails to a few hundred, or better yet, a few thousand attendees? Neither can we!

Communication With Attendees via Email

And that is the reason why this entry is dedicated to the features that an event management platform designed to facilitate communication with event attendees should have.

Mass messages

Communication is essential – it is a cliché at best. However, it becomes particularly true if you are organizing an event. In this case, event mailing is a must, be it before the event, while it is in progress, or after it has concluded. All attendees must receive reminders about the upcoming event, thank you messages after registration and after the event, and other important messages – there are no exceptions. How can one handle such a task?

Is it worth using a dedicated mailing platform?

The market offers lots of great tools for mailing distribution. However, all of them require you to regularly update the contact database, so that it is always current. Most of the tools can be integrated with a registration system, allowing you to automatically update the database, but not always such an integration offers two-way communication. In a situtation when an attendee resigns or withdraws their consent to the processing of personal data, we have to remove them from the database. This kind of integration brings a risk of potential delays or defective synchronization between the two systems. In CONREGO, we do not leave anything to chance. Solutions based on manual or automatic data transfer to external platforms have been replaced by a module built into our system to handle event mailings.

How does event management software handle mailings?

A mechanism for automatic individual and mass communication built into the registration system should allow you to send various types of messages, including:

A well designed conference registration platform has all these functions, which means that the organizer and attendees will save a lot of time and the registration process will go quickly and smoothly.

The efficiency of email communication

Considering email communication with attendees, no matter what method you choose, you have to remember about efficiency - whether your message reaches the recipients or not. Deliverability of email messages depends on:

Delivering event management software implementation service, we use wide range of safety measures and verify the quality of messages with the help of mechanisms described in the article: How to make sure that e-mails do not reach SPAM?

Łukasz Krawczuk