Event Apps Are Useless Without a Good Communication Strategy

Let’s say you have done a thorough research. After weeks of testing and discussions, your team has finally reached a decision. You are about to implement one of the event apps.

Event Apps Are Useless Without a Good Communication Strategy

At this point, the most frequent mistake is to rest on one’s laurels.

Buying is the first step you take in order to boost interaction between your audience. The next goal is to promote it and increase the download rate. Thanks to the mobile event app, you will be able to create an effective multi-channel communication strategy.

Our first tip is to think of your attendees as your home guests. You need to be the best host ever and act in a hospitable manner. The biggest difference is the fact that you have more people to communicate with and varied communication tools. Another one is the necessity to be more formal. Do not forget that it is, however, recommended to implement some entertaining content. You need to keep the right balance between informative and light news. Do not experiment too much with the amusing posts. This is general advice only. If you want more detailed communication tips, follow the path below.

External promo

Promote the app benefits via all outer channels. Make use of your newsletters, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube), and a website. Moreover, most event app providers create a dedicated landing page for free. This is a place where you can upload all crucial information and present all functionalities. Your attendees have to understand why it is useful to download the app and what they can do with it.

In-App greetings

Do not forget to greet the audience when your event is about to start. Decide whether you want to be conventional or informal. The key issue above all is to be professional but friendly. Then, write the welcoming message in the news section. You can also send a similar push notification. In addition, you should publish ‘hello’ posts on in-app theme channels. These actions will make your audience feel comfortable. As a result, they will get involved more eagerly.

Multi-channel communication

Remember that your app is a highly efficient interaction channel. You can publish your unique content inside in multiple ways. You can write posts, short news, press reports, case studies, personal messages and titbits. It is a chance to stimulate your target audience with the right content. Thanks to all app tools, you can build a strong community with attendees and stay in touch with them even after the event.

In-App build-up

Your app has lots of brand promo tools. First of all, you can integrate your social media channels. All posts will appear automatically in the news section. You can also create personal messages targeted only to your audience. Write about upcoming lectures, coffee breaks or special facilities. Finally, publish the best quotes from the past sessions. It is a good way to entertain, educate and inspire your participants. Thanks to social media integration, you will redirect your participants to your external general channels and widen your daily average range. You can read more about this topic here.

Energency notice

Inform your audience about any amendments in the programme. Your app is a perfect tool for real-time agenda management. The content is automatically updated on the users’ phones. Nobody likes changing their plans at the last minute. However, problems often occur in an event reality. It is still better to update your attendees as soon as possible. It is not a good choice to to be silent about it. In the best scenario, you might find a solution to the issue and please your disappointed audience.


Collecting opinions about your event is a must. Add a survey and send a push notification right to this component. It increases the number of completed surveys by over 200%. You can learn a lot about your audience preferences and evaluate whether you have made the right choices while planning. It is also an invaluable source of information for your upcoming events.


Thank your audience for coming over, exchanging knowledge and creating this unique community. Encourage them to join your future conferences. You should do this via all external and in-app communication channels.

To sum it up, a final tip is to be as hospitable as possible. You should use all different communication tools that are available to you. You never know what will be especially popular among your audience. In addition, it is important to interact with your attendees before, during and after the event. It is also recommended to use the right tone of communication. Remember that even if it is an entertainment event, you have to be quite formal. You need to, however, keep the right balance between essential and light news.

Kate Gruszka