4 Tools You Should Be Using for Your Event

An experienced Event Manager knows that among factors that decide whether the event will be successful or not, good communication is one of the most important ones.

4 Tools You Should Be Using for Your Event

1. 160 characters of care

Text messages are an immediate way of communication with attendees. Phone numbers collected by the event registration tool are valuable data and it would be a shame if you didn't use it. Personalized text messages with crucial information about the event, such as when it starts, the exact venue location, and tips e.g. about the availability of the parking lot, might become extremely handy. This kind of SMS is also a sign of our care, which can apparently fit into 160 characters. The benefits of using text messages are disproportionately high to the costs incurred.

2. Something more than a conference badge

Conference badges accompany attendees for the entire time of the event. Placing only a full name and a name of the company they represent is not enough. Just think how helpful the event agenda at the back of the badge can be.

QR code is also worth including on the badge due to the fact that the staff can scan it at the entrance and mark attendance in just one second. Do you see a difference? Well designed communication on various levels will be appreciated by every event attendee.

3. Communication after the event

As you know, email works perfectly as a tool for communication. There are situations when the event organizer is in constant email contact with an attendee before the conference starts. It is great. On the other hand, it's a shame that after the event, communication dies down. Similarly to personalized text messages containing practicial information before the event, a personalized email after the event is a nice gesture. What to include in it? First of all, it should be a thank you for participation message. You can also add:

4. Satisfaction survey

An event evaluation survey is the last tool often overlooked by event organizers. Communication via survey is profitable for both sides of the event: the organizer and the attendee. With the use of a well designed survey, the organizer can collect proofs of customer satisfaction and valuable information about researched areas. On the other hand, the respondent can have a feeling that their view is important to the organizer, and that answers can shape the future editions. The survey is a reliable and effective tool for measuring the satisfaction level among attendees of your event.

Make the best use of tools such as SMS, email, conference badges, and survey. CONREGO event management software allows you to send out event mailings and text messages, and create conference badges with QR codes. These two functions and our mobile app will make your event check-in much more efficient and convenient.

Tomasz Chrościechowski