Event Website Management

The event website is an important tool that you can use to promote your event and provide detailed information to attendees.

With our CMS module, you can create the event website. It can include an unlimited number of pages and language versions. Subpages can be also divided into categories that will be listed as drop-down navigation elements.

Creating the content will be simple with the use of elements that are easy to manage:

  • drop-down content panels,
  • video players,
  • galleries,
  • image carousels,
  • time conters.

Experienced users can add their own elements by using the HTML editor.

conference website

You can edit the visuals by using one of premade templates, where you only need to adjust the logo, colour pattern, and the main banner. Everything is fully responsive so your attendees can comfortably use the website and the registration form on their mobile devices. No matter if you want to build a full blown website or a simple event page - our CMS will deliver.