On-site Event Management

The features of check-in and access control allow you to use a wide range of solutions for on-site attendee management.

Event Check-in

event check-in and access control

...is the first point of contact at the event. Our solution can automate an array of activities related to the check-in process:

Using laptops with QR code readers for check-in is advisable. Such a reception desk looks professional and seems like a place to go in case of questions.

Event Access Control

...can have multiple functions, but the general idea is to control if attendeees are allowed to get to specific agenda items that require being explicitly registered for.

This module allows for:

Unlike check-in, the best solution here is the use of CONREGO Check-in mobile app on phones or tablets. These are much more nimble than stands with laptops and you do not need a keyboard to easily use the access control module.

The equipment for check-in and access control

Hardware solutions for deploying these modules are described in detail on our blog:
What hardware should you choose for check-in and access control at the event?

CONREGO Check-In App

...is a mobile app with all the features (except for printing) of the On-site service module. It is a more effective solution than paper guest lists or spreadsheets, and also cheaper than laptops and QR code readers. The only thing you need to use the app is CONREGO All-In-One subscription and a phone or a tablet with Android or iOS and internet access. The rate of reading QR codes depends on the quality of the camera.

With our mobile app:

  • You have a full-fledged reception desk in your pocket (except for the printer).
  • You always know how many attendees are already at the event and how many are yet to come.
  • You will search through a list of thousands of guests in half a second with no possibility of making a mistake.
  • You can add an attendee to the guest list of a particular lecture anytime.

Get CONREGO Check-In app by scanning a QR code or install from Google Play or App Store.

How does it work?

See how easy it is to handle event attendees with CONREGO Check-in app on your smartphone.

Download CONREGO Check-In app for Android with this QR code Download CONREGO Check-In app for Android
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