#eventgoer: The Kid

#eventgoer: The Kid

Hi! My name is Billy. I’m an event goer. It’s so boring here… Mom, will you buy me cotton candy?

You will see me at events like fairs. We go there with my parents to look at dogs, cats, motorbikes. It’s awesome!

I pay particular attention to everything. I like everything.

I expect that it will be awesome! And that there’s not too many people because then you have to squeeze between them and there are lines everywhere.

I’m annoyed when my parents meet their friends. They’ll go on and on about boring stuff and I have to wait. Their friends aren’t moving anywhere, they can come over any time but the fair will be gone tomorrow. And waiting is so boring!

What I like most is when they let you pet animals, cause not all of them do. Or when they let you sit on a motorbike. Sometimes you even get to shoot a bow or wear a medieval warrior helmet!

Lukasz Krawczuk

Thank you for your time and insight, Billy. We all expect that it will be awesome. Billy enjoys interactive elements. No wonder, experiencing things is much more engaging than just looking at them. Do you prefer to have a VR adventure or to see it on a screen? So do your attendees. Now, back to Billy. It’s worth making sure there’s plenty of child entertainment, even better if it’s properly supervised. Some exhibitions can be more interesting to parents than to children and we all know the effects of a child being bored. Also, make sure you have dependable means of communication with your attendees. If there’s such need, it will allow you to find the lost kid’s parents more quickly.Look forward to another event goer soon!