Event Registration

This is the base feature of any event registration software. We have given it a lot of attention to make it as powerful as possible.

The registration process in CONREGO is divided into steps. Each of them can be freely changed depending on the ticket type. This allows for the creation of separate registration processes for different kinds of attendees.

The first step is the choice of ticket. It can be made by the attendee but you can also direct selected attendees straight to the registration form, omitting the choice of ticket. there is nothing stopping you from offering some ticket types to the general public and leaving the rest for invited guests only.

The second step is the registration form and the offer. Based on your preferences, you can first present the offer of the event (additional services, welcome packages, thematic sessions, separately paid training sessions, etc.), and only then the form collecting the attendee's data, or the other way around.

The registration form consists of any number of fields that will be filled with data by the attendee. With different types of fields (text field, date field, drop-down list, file), it is possible to gather information from the attendee of the exact type you need. To ensure that your data is correct, you can also use a mask, which is a function that forces a particular data format. For example, attendee's age will always be in XX format, only accepting numbers.

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The offer is a list of additional options of participation. They can be particular conference days, specific sessions, or something totally different, e.g. a dinner or a conference t-shirt. Each option can be assigned a price, a seat limit, and can be mutually exclusive with other options, so you can prevent attendees from registering for two sessions held at the same time.

The last step is the payment form, which is only enabled for paid events. It only collects the data required to process the payment. The attendee is then directed to the summary of the registration. If an online payment gateway has been integrated with the system, the attendee will be transferred to proceed with the payment once they have confirmed their information. When they return, they will see the thank you page and receive an e-mail confirming their registration and containing relevant information about the event. The content of all these stages can be changed separately for each type of ticket.