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Case Study: XXIV International PSAVA Congress

It was professional, impressive, and demanding. There was a lot of action! And when was that? At the 24th International Congress of the Polish Small Animal Veterinary Association.


#eventgoer: Member of the Board

Hello! My name is Jay Gatsby. I’m an event goer. Excuse me but I don’t have too much time, I’m on my way to a lecture. ring Jay Gatsby here, how may I help you, old sport? Alright, I'll call you back in half an hour.


Comparison of 5 Event Badge Printing Techiques

Are you aware that an event badge is the most frequently adopted method of verifying the identity of event attendees?


Why Do You Need a Responsive Event Website?

At first, we need you to answer a simple question. Do you use your mobile device to connect to the internet?


#eventgoer: The Star

Hey there, guys! My name is Tommy P. Charming. I’m an event goer. I don’t think I need to introduce myself, right? Who wants a photo by the media wall?


QR Codes and Their Applications in CONREGO

They were designed by Denso-Wave from Japan, back in 1994, and were intended for storing large amounts of data – and it is not without reason that they have been so popular in the world of events and with Event Managers.


How to Encourage Event Attendees to Register Early?

If you are an event organizer, you must realize how important it is to have attendees register quickly – preferably immediately after opening registration.


#eventgoer: The Stowaway

Hi! My name is Bond. Jane Bond. I’m an event goer. Of course I’ve registered, there must be a bug in your system. I’m from the press. An ID? I must have left it in the car.


How to Create a Perfect Event Website?

The website is your showcase. It is the element that will attract or discourage potential attendees of your event.


Case study: VII ABSL Conference

7th ABSL Conference, Katowice, 2016. It was a huge international event attended by nearly 1,000 attendees and accompanied by sky-high expectations. How did we handle such an event?