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Unwanted Guests at an Event

Confident, almost relaxed. They meld into the crowd with that “I-belong-here” look. The poker face and aura of confidence are to hide that they are intruders.


#eventgoer: The Hostess

Hi! My name is Julia Sparks. I’m an event goer. Of course, sir. To get to the green room, go through this corridor and turn right at the end. Simply follow the green line on the floor… No problem at all, have a nice day!


How Did Nobell Congressing Dominate the Niche of Accommodation Booking?

Nobell Congressing has been very successful and continues to grow. Today, we publish an interview with Kasia Wejsis, who talks about the company where she connects the jobs of Venue Finder and Event Manager.


How to Design and Personalize Conference Badges?

In today's article, we offer a number of recommendations regarding proper design of badges for event attendees.


#eventgoer: Tomasz Chrosciechowski

Hi! My name is Tomasz Chrosciechowski. I’m an event goer. I go to events professionally… this means that virtually every conference I’ve attended was organized by my company’s clients. I assist them in dealing with attendees, handling them, and organizing their flux.


Case Study: RhinoForum 2016

This article is dedicated to giving you details about an event organized by the Polish Rhinology Society. We have supported that society for many years – we have worked together since March 2012.


What Equipment Should You Choose to Handle Check-In and Access Control?

In order to handle reception areas at an event smoothly and efficiently, you need a well-prepared set of tools and personnel capable of using them.


#eventgoer: The Angry Executive

Hello. My name is Richard Tator. I’m an event goer. I don’t know who organized this thing. It makes no sense. They want me to print stuff and who’s gonna pay for the ink? And when I called them to register, they told me to go to the internet.


Communication With Attendees via Email

Can you imagine that you have to write and then manually send emails to a few hundred, or better yet, a few thousand attendees? Neither can we!


Case Study: XXIV International PSAVA Congress

It was professional, impressive, and demanding. There was a lot of action! And when was that? At the 24th International Congress of the Polish Small Animal Veterinary Association.